Two-Toned Eyes


I loved your fill-in-the-blank responses on my Facebook wall earlier today. Fill-in-the-blanks remind me of Mad Libs! Did you guys ever play those? I think I had at least a dozen all filled out at one point in time. My sister and I used to do them on road trips all the time…until we got road sickness of writing/reading in the car. lol Whatever happened to those Mad Libs books? I really miss them.


Yay carbs!


I had one of my favorite pre-workout snacks today in one of my new bowls


Simple banana oatmeal! I made mine with rice milk, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and sliced almonds.

IMG_3458.jpg IMG_3460.jpg

I tried something new with my makeup to teach Zumba tonight – two toned eye colors!


I haven’t done anything this crazy since probably college…or since the last time I went to class and wore glitter eye liner, if you want to get technical. ;)

I did a pretty, kelly green on the inside of my lid and then a pinky-purple on the outside. I wore black eye liner and then put some glitter eye liner over that for some sparkle. I wish I had better photos but I just snapped these quickly before class.

As for class, it was wonderful! I’m really loving my new location. The venue is beautiful and the participants are so fun!

My favorite songs tonight were:

  • Que Te Pica
  • Maria
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love

In the spirit of my Facebook post earlier, let’s do a little game!

Fill in the blank: I love my _____________ because it makes me feel ____________!

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