FABOlous Coffee Shop


I visited a FABOlous…I mean fabulous coffee shop on Saturday when I took a field trip away from the house to get some bloggie work done.


I’ve stopped by here one time before, but just to take a peek. On Saturday, I took my first true visit to local hidden gem – FABO Cafe.


FABO features locally roasted coffee and even beer and wine.


I love the open, airy feel inside the cafe. All around are beautiful hand made pieces of artwork – from paintings to furniture to jewelry.


But there are separated “rooms” that give you a good feeling of privacy.


Obligatory TCL lighting photo. You know I love a good light fixture. This was is so funky!


Besides local coffee, FABO Cafe also features local food products…


…and baked goodies. Yum!

Don’t mind if I do. ;)


I found a bright spot near the rear entrance with lots of natural light and a cozy couch to settle into.


I had lots of blog work to do, so I was glad I found a great sitting area.

IMG_9924.jpg IMG_9925.jpg

Random photos of the post – I wore my espadrilles for the first time this year! Yay for the return of warm weather!



I decided to try one of the cinnamon rolls. It was light and had just the right amount of frosting. Yum!


To drink, I had a vanilla latte. I really liked how the beans are locally roasted. Go local!

I loved my latte. I’m so glad to have good coffee in town.


Check out these fun mini bowls I found in the basket in front of me.

Diet, Whatever.” Amen! I’m so not a diet person. I’m a non-diet kind of gal. ;)


I ended up staying at FABO much longer than I anticipated, but I’m glad to say I managed to reply to all the blog comments I’ve been meaning to for the whole month of March! Woohoo! I think I have quite a few comments left from February to reply to, but to at least be caught up through March is a big win for me. I absolutely love reading all the comments you guys take the time to leave me, and I often have great responses thought out in my head. But sometimes, I’m reading the comment on my iPhone and it’s near impossible to reply via the phone. Sometimes I just procrastinate. Sometimes…who knows! All this to say, please continue leaving your kind, thoughtful, and wonderful comments, and even if I don’t reply right away, know that I read and appreciate each and every one.

And for my local friends, be sure to check out FABO Cafe some time soon. They have free wifi, great local arts & crafts (yes, they’re for sale), and awesome and local eats/drinks.


Click here to view my post about Magic Fairy Dust. What magic did you believe in when you were a kid? Tell me here (click).


Click the Facebook Like button at the end of this post if you like coffee. And leave me a comment telling me what your favorite coffee drink is. I love my vanilla (sometimes soy, sometimes regular milk) lattes. You?

Magic Fairy Dust


Happy weekend friends!

I have a lot of to-dos, but I’m working on decompressing and chillaxin as a priority.


I had a volunteer project to do Saturday morning, but work interfered. I don’t normally work on weekends, but I had a 30 minute task that turned into 3 hours. Doh!


Luckily, I was able to take care of my task from the comfort of my house…


…with a nice bowl of banana/rice milk oats.


I also stole some of hubby’s eggs and toast. hehe

Now, about that magic pixie dust…


Did you believe in magic when you were a kid? I know I did. I thought that real magic existed. That if I could just find the end of a rainbow, there really would be a big pot of gold there. That unicorns were real. So were fairies and other magical creatures.


When I traveled with my family, I loved finding unique things in tiny, oddball boutiques. You know the obscure place with the random things for sale like “love potions” and other exotic elixirs? My favorite finds were the good luck jewelry, talismans, and gems. I used to think those types of things actually worked.


As I grew up, I decided to let magic work like a placebo. It’s more fun to pretend, ya know?


Most recently, I purchased this tiny jar of fine-glitter. The product is used to add shimmer to your face make-up. You can brush it on your eyes, cheeks, and apparently your lips, too for a luxe look. I thought it would be a fabulous addition to my Project Get Glam makeup collection.

The product is called Sparklicity Pure by TARINA TARANTINO


But, I’m going to call it Magic Fairy Dust. A light dusting is said to bring you fun and fabulousness. ;)

Afterall, sometimes just believing something is magical is enough to make it so.

What magical things did you believe in when you were a kid?

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