Knit & Crochet

  • Mon Beret, Il Est Fini!

    Salut, mes amis! I did it! I finished another project…and you guys thought I never would. Ha! I showed you! What’s that? You did think I’d finish a project? Ok, well then…I guess you showed me…Ha!? Anywho, I finished making…


  • Cutest Crocheted Beret

    I don’t know if you noticed, but I feel like I haven’t posted about crafting in forever. You probably think that I’ve been so busy with all this cooking lately that I haven’t had time, which is partially true, but…


  • Mom’s B-day: Knit Scarf

    I know I mentioned I like to juggle projects before, but look, I finished something! What? You don’t believe me? Well, just scroll down to the next photo…seriously! 🙂 I got this gorgeous, super chunky, 100% pure new wool in…