• Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

    We will all fall now and again. The important thing is to get back up. Fall seven times, stand up eight ~Japanese Proverb I’ve been going skating a lot recently. For a great leg workout and because being on the ice makes me so happy. For those new to my blog, I did figure skating […]


  • The Master Has Failed More…

    The Master has failed more times than the Beginner has even tried

    Hi friends! So, I guess I forgot yesterday was Monday. I must still be in vacation mode since I was at the beach last week. I wanted to share a really cool quote that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. I’ve been pinning up a storm, and for some reason, the quotes have really been a) […]


  • Choose Kindness

    It takes strength to be kind. It’s the easiest thing to mirror negativity. You’ll encounter people who make you want to dip to a lower level. Don’t let them. No matter what they say about you or do to you, always Choose Kindness.