Mini Vegan Fruit Tarts Redux


Yay! The weekend is here! Anyone doing anything fun?



I finally finished those fabulous blueberries this morning when I made hubby and I blueberry-banana oatmeal. Nom! Soooo tasty!

My lunch eats were a bit on the random side due to lack of groceries and my inability to take a break from work to go grocery shopping.


For lunch #1, I had an AB+J+Chia Sammie on Dakota with some green peas. Have you tried chia seeds on your PB+J yet? If not…you should! It’s fab!


For lunch #2, I had a quick soba noodle stir fry with fresh garlic, green beans, and sesame seeds. I love a good noodle bowl!


I did a play on those vegan mini tarts, but this time with some modifications.


I used the same crust recipe as before, but this time I used this handy-dandy mini tart tool, which helped form the cups.

Last time I made these mini tarts, I just added fruit and a gel-y topping. But, I’ve always wanted to add a sort of pastry cream filling. So, I made one today using tofu.


I decided to sample a tart before I took them over to our friend’s place tonight…just in case my experiment was a total fail.

Take a tart.


Add cream filling and fruit and enjoy!

Ok, I left off the shiny topping for my sample….it wasn’t ready yet. I still had to go to Zumba class and THEN finish dessert.

Sooo…I went off for another fabulous hour of zumba tonight, and yes…that makes 6 straight days of zumba. phew!

I came back home and assembled dessert and then headed out to meet some friends.

Our friends were having a bit of a cook-off.




While our chefs worked, I snacked on tortilla chips, Stacys pita chips, salsa, and raw veggies (broccoli and baby carrots).


Burger Slider #1 – a lovely grilled burger with cole slaw and I believe pimento cheese.



Burger Slider #2 – another love grilled burger, this time made with monterrey jack cheese, spinach, tomatoes and a sweet Hawaiian sauce.

They were both delicious! Can I call a tie?! :)



My vegan fruit tarts were big hit and I don’t think anyone was even vegan! :lol: I was worried they were a fail, but thank goodness they turned out ok!

I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow. Gotta get some zees for now. G’night all!

What’s your favorite type of burger/slider? Any particular toppings, sauces, seasonings?

(Hubby and I may actually do sliders at our housewarming next weekend!!)

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