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Squee! Let’s Do a Makeover!

When I was in school, a life-changing movie came out for me – Clueless! I know it sounds silly, but I do believe you can get inspiration from anywhere.

Anywho, as an unpopular, geeky outcast a la Daria Morgendorffer, I was fascinated by how pretty, popular, confident, and powerful Cher and her friends were. I wanted to be one of them.

But more importantly, I learned a key concept. The idea of the makeover. My interpretation…

Makeover: harnessing the power within ourselves to change ourselves for the better (also known as a transformation).

What started as a goal of fitting in and winning the friendship of my peers grew to life changing transformations to live my best life.

It’s amazing what you can do when you own the power you already have within.

Transformation Enthusiast

Over the years, I’ve done many kinds of makeovers on myself:

  • Social: From Awkward High School Outcast to “Popular” Sorority Girl
  • Work: From Meek Wallflower Employee to Corporate Consultant Badass
  • Food: From Fast Food Fanatic to Non-Diet Healthy Food Eater
  • Fitness: From Sedentary Office Worker to Zumba Instructor
  • Lifestyle: From Stressed-Out 9-to-5-er with Side Hustles to Balanced, Peace-of-Mind Goal Digger
  • Passion: From Hobby Blogger to Impact Lover
  • Mindset: From Living in Scarcity and Fear to Flowing with Abundance and Joy

You could say I’m a transformation enthusiast.

And while I could share long stories of each of these transformations, I want to talk about the one that has personally impacted me the most – Mindset.

In the Fog

One day, it was like I woke up and didn’t know where I was. Like I was sleepwalking. Like I’d unconsciously gotten myself to where I was standing in that moment.

And the more I analyzed my situation, the more I wondered how I’d gotten so incredibly lost. One minute, I was kickin butt in school, full of potential, whilst planning how I’d be CEO one day, and the next, I was waking up, dreading the day ahead – knowing I’d spend it feeling frustrated, helpless, and ultimately trapped in my life.

Owning the Power Within

It would be several years before I really shook off the fog I’d fallen into and realized what it meant to go after your dreams and live BIG.

I thought I needed to be more pretty, popular, and successful to be happy.

Turns out, it was much simpler than that. In fact, the solution had been right at my fingertips, I just didn’t know what I know now…

…what I learned that got me to:

  • Push myself past my fears to go after what I really want in life
  • Stand up for myself
  • Drop toxic relationships
  • Stop caring what others thought of me
  • Make the impossible possible
  • And live the biggest, boldest life of my dreams!

My Mindset Makeover Miracle

What is this powerful thing, you may be asking?

Your mindset!

In my darkest times, I found hope through mindset transformation. It literally saved my life.

I remember finding this quote:

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

Could it be that simple?

I didn’t believe it. My Daria side kicked in. I didn’t even want to try this woo-woo nonsense.

But I was desperate. What was the worst that could happen? I’d waste my time?

So I went with it and experimented. Slooowly at first. And as the mindset shifts I was making started working, I started believing.

The more I worked on my mind and outlook, the more I dug into myself with personal development, the more I allowed myself to get uncomfortable and push through, the more my entire world opened up.

And what I was learning and doing got me to excel in my work (even winning best Zumba instructor in my city), improve my relationships (dropping toxic relationships and finding my tribe), and get unstuck my personal life (going after those big dreams…finally!).

Central Park Snow and the Red Coat Going after my dream life - a 10 year old, impossible dream made possible - me in San Francisco 2018

It took me to New York City and San Francisco. Two cities I never thought I’d live in. Two impossible dreams made possible.

Along with many other impossibile wins.

It’s taking me past where I thought my life could possibly go, and it’s continuing to take me to bigger and better places that are beyond my wildest dreams!

Sharing My Success Secrets

With so much success for this small town girl, I’m ready to share my secrets with you.

Sometimes I think back to my past self. She was living in limitation, taking what life gave to her, and feeling like she didn’t have the power to escape her stresses.

I want to save her. But I can’t. But I can look to the future. For me and for you.

So I’m paying it forward. Sharing what I know right here on The Chic Life.

My mission is to help as many others out there as I can to harness their own internal power to take on their own makeovers and go after their dream lives.

You have what it takes right now.

You’re worthy as you are.

All you need to do is make the decision to go for it.

Go big or go home!

So I hope you enjoy all the free content, downloads, and what not available here on the site and on my social accounts.

And if you want to work more closely, I’m developing programs, courses, and am offering 1:1 coaching (click to learn more) to help you take your life in the direction of your biggest and boldest dreams.

I’m here for you when you’re ready.

The decision is yours.

And, whatever you choose, I hope you remember this…

Existence is where most people stay. Truly living is where the magic happens.

Stop existing. Start living.



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