Are you a planner addict, too? Well, click on the links below for my planner tips, including: how to decorate your planner, links to planner decoration ideas, my favorite planner supplies, and more. Decorating my planner has given me an excuse to make time for crafting since it ultimately helps me stay organized. It’s win-win.

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Looking for inspiration? Click here to view all the photos of my planner spreads by month

Start Here

New to planning? I made a Start Here page for you to get you started:

  • Which planner to get
  • How to use your planner when you’re just starting (and where to get ideas for more)
  • Which supplies to buy first
  • How to decorate your planner

Planner Tips and Tutorial Pages

This site has planner content in multiple places:

Start Here: The tips and info I wish I’d had when I first started

How to Use and Organize Your Planner: Planner basics – how do you actually use this darn thing?!

How to Decorate Your Planner: Tutorials, how-to’s, and more planner tips

Plan with Me Videos (on YouTube): My planner videos and free printables for custom themes

Planner Decoration Ideas: Pictures of my planner weekly and monthly spreads to give you ideas and inspiration

Planner Decoration Supplies: Where to get cute planner supplies to stay organized in style

Which Planner Do I Use?

I’ve used the Erin Condren LifePlanner for the last several years. I prefer the 12 month vertical layout.

Click here for my 2018 LifePlanner Unboxing and Giveaway and Vertical Neutral Flip-Through

Click here for my Unboxing post for my 2017 planner with photos of the inside of a vertical and neutral layout

If you’d like this planner too, scroll down for my referral link so you can save some $$$.

My Planner Videos

Check out my YouTube channel for planner videos (plus other videos about Bailey, my travels, recipes, etc.)

My Pinterest Planner Boards

I have two Pinterest boards with tons of fun planner tips and photos:

You can follow my whole Pinterest profile (thechiclife) for fashion, home, recipe, and other fun pins.

Planner Events in Person!

Did you know you can meet up with fellow planner lovers in person?! I did it, and you can too! Keep a look out for planner events near you like PlannerCon and Go Wild.

Here are the events I’ve attended so far:

PlannerCon 2019 Part 1 of 2 – My experience and vlog

PlannerCon 2019 Part 2 of 2 – My experience and vlog – plus tips for attending your first PlannerCon! *coming soon*


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Erin Condren LifePlanner Discount Code

LifePlanner Discount: In recent years, the only way I’ve seen the Erin Condren Life Planner discounted is via their referral program. The program is open to everyone, not just bloggers. If you’d like to save a little on your first EC Life Planner, I’d love for you to consider using my referral link (click to use). You’ll get a discount, and I’ll get a little credit. I love win-win referral programs. You may also want to subscribe to Erin Condren’s email newsletter because she’ll share discounts there if any come up.

Want to see inside the LifePlanner? I do a little photo tour in my 2017 LifePlanner unboxing post hereClick here to view the LifePlanner details over at

Note: You’ll want to use my referral link to create your account if you want to get the discount.

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