Project Get Organized {Challenge 1 – Stop Procrastinating}

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to get organized.

So, I have the perfect challenge for you guys – Project Get Organized!

Challenge Origin

You may or may not believe it, but I used to be a really organized person. I may even go so far as to call my younger self too organized. But after living with a couple polar opposites in college (read: mess machines – I loved them, but they were totally disorganized), I guess I got a little desensitized. Add in the fact that I’m juggling one too many things every day and thus too busy to care (or too busy to see my lack of organization?), and things have gotten a little out of control.

But busy or not, I believe there are a few simple things we can do to take control of our life. I’m planning to spend September trying to get things in order, and I invite you to join me for the challenge.

Challenge Details

For most of my blog challenges, I provide all the “rules” up front. I want to do this challenge a bit like Project Think Positive. Throughout the month, I’ll blog about various challenges and projects. As we progress through the month, I’d like you, if you can, to try to add the challenge for that week to the previous week and incorporate the projects where you can.

Challenge 1 {Stop Procrastinating}

I know what you’re thinking. What does procrastination have to do with organization? But, I think it has everything to do with organization.

Put off answering that email? Now, you have just added another email to potentially a slew of other emails that you’ll need to respond to later. You’re more likely to respond if you just do it right away. Wait, and you start creating a list of emails that will clutter your inbox.

Come home from a long day of work and drop your things on your kitchen counter? If you’re not careful, your stuff will collect into a giant (and sometimes intimidating) pile of stuff that you’ll need to put back later. You’re just accumulating stuff and work that you’ll have to do another day. You’re creating your own clutter.

*Challenge 1: Stop procrastinating. Do it now.*

The more you put off, the more likely you’re just creating disorganization in your house, your schedule, and your life. The easiest way to tackle organization is to prevent the mess before it happens. By preventing future messes, you’ll save time you can spend tackling the ones you already have.

Share the Love

If you want to tweet about the challenge, I would LOVE that! Please use twitter hashtag #projectgetorg (I don’t like shortening the project name, but the last hashtag was a little too long to use in twitter). You can tweet about how you didn’t procrastinate, etc. Tweet about the challenge – what changes you’re making. Inspire your twitter friends! :)

I’d also love it if you shared this challenge with your friends, family, co-workers, and even blog readers (if you’re a blogger). There are a lot of share buttons at the bottom of this post (even one to email the post to someone!), so feel free to use those. Let’s spread the positive vibes people! :)

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This weekend (and in weeks ahead), take a look at your home. Note the following…

Where is your clutter accumulating? Counter tops? Drawers?

What types of things are in your clutter? Papers?Receipts? Shoes?

Share your findings in the comments:

Reader Share 1: Please leave a comment with the areas where your clutter accumulates.

Reader Share 2: Leave a comment with the types of items creating your clutter.

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