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Super-Charged Vision Board Training Bundle Product Preview

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Learn the secrets to vision boards that manifest like whoa

Learn what takes a vision board from just a craft project to a powerful manifestation tool that brings your desires to your life with impressive success. This bundle includes my best tips, tricks, and secrets for making super-charged vision boards that help you manifest your desires with ease!

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Go from craft project to powerful manifestation tool!

What sets apart vision boards that collect dust from those that actively bring your desires to reality?

🌟You can infuse your vision board with powerful manifestation energy before even putting your photos together by utilizing my special planning process
🌟Instead of randomly putting images onto your background, learn how to call in magnetic manifestation energy through your creation and use of your vision board

You’ll get two high vibe training videos, plus journal prompts, affirmations, and a workbook!

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*From manifestation skeptic to believer!*

If you thought that you could not possibly manifest anything like a pro, then you need Diana and her coaching. I was a skeptic but now, I am a believer


Here’s what you’ll get

Anyone can put images together and call it a vision board, but not every vision board actually works! Learn the tips, tricks, and secrets I use to turn go from craft project to powerful manifestation tool!

Digital Templates


Infuse powerful manifestation energy into your vision board before you even start making it with my special planning method.


Make your vision board with me through this virtual party. You’ll also learn the components of a successful vision board to help increase your sucess.


Get journal prompts, affirmations, a workbook, and more to help you go from idea to action and take real steps to bring your desires to reality.

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This is for you if:

You want to make gorgeous vision boards that manifest like whoa!

  • Learn the KEY things to do before you even get started making your board so you start on the right foot

  • Get my super-charged Virtual Vision Board Party so you can make your vision board with me and learn my best tips for vision board success

  • Get tools you can use to actually take action to bring your desires to your reality

Super-Charged Vision Board Training Bundle Product Preview

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Ready to go from craft project to powerful manifestation tool?

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get This bundle for just $47


“I’d recommend Diana’s coaching program a million times over.”

“After working with Diana, I gained a whole new mindset. I’m happy, hopeful and positive most of the time now. It’s been drastic. I’ve also been able to manifest some cool things like clearing the toxic people from my office and getting a traffic infraction reduced to a parking ticket. After working with Diana, I feel amazing, happier, more excited for the future, hopeful and all around much better in general. Diana has amazing energy and is easy to listen to and talk with. My future looks bright, happy, full of gratitude, peaceful, abundant, joyful, relaxed, fun and free of my old negative thoughts. I’d recommend Diana’s coaching program a million times over. It gives you a fresh perspective full of happiness, positivity, joy and gratitude!”


Have a burning question?

What’s included in this kit?

You’ll get:

~2 training video replays (previously live video recordings)

~Journal prompts and affirmations

~Virtual Vision Board Party workbook printable

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

When will I receive access to my kit

Once your payment is complete, you will receive instant access to this product, so you can get started right away! It make take just a couple minutes for the email with details on how to access the bundle gets to you, but after that, you’re in!

Is this a physical product?

No, this is a 100% digital product. The printables and workbook are PDFs that you can download and print.

Will this save me time?

If you want to avoid making a vision board that is more like a craft project that collects dust, then yes! Learn the secrets to success that have taken me YEARS to collect!

I don’t know what to put on my vision board. Is this for me?

Yes! In these trainings, I will guide you on how to connect to your truest desires to figure out not only what you want but how you can represent this on your vision board. 

I’ll also teach you how to lay out your vision board, what to put on it, and how to organize your desires for max results and FUN!

What other supplies do I need?

This bundle includes training videos and printables that help you be as successful as possible with your vision board. However, you’ll still need your own supplies to make your vision board.

If you need help with visuals, I recommend getting my Magnetic Vision Board Graphics & Templates kit. Email me if you’d like a special discount code. 😉

Are the photos/graphics included?

No, but please see the above Q&A for details and a discount dets for some resources that can help you!

You’re just one step away

Ready to make beautiful vision boards that magnetize your desires fast?

get This bundle for just $47

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