Wow, really jealous of the Windows bloggers right now because Windows Live Writer really is awesome…but I digress…


Hubby and I woke up late-ish, but thank goodness we got to sleep in at least a little after our late trip in to visit my parents.

Mom whipped up a quick breakfast: fried egg, piece of Great Harvest Dakota toast with real butter.


My parents informed us we still had to go out and get our turkey for our Christmas dinner, so a trip to Whole Foods was in order. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and was horrible outside! Nearly-frozen rain was pouring out of the sky and we weren’t sure when it would start turning to ice on the roads.

IMG_9907 IMG_9908


We braved the weather and even stopped at Mimi’s Cafe for a quick lunch. I took a bunch of photos on my iPhone but for some reason, my sister’s computer isn’t able to get the photos off my iPhone, so I’ll just go verbal here.

I got the endless soup and salad with a green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, 1 small bowl of vegetarian veggie soup and 1 small bowl of French Onion soup with an Oat Bran muffin.  Everything was quite tasty, though I did overdo it trying to finish that HUGE muffin!

I almost ordered a special combo meal they had which came with a mini apple crisp, but it just seemed like too much food. I’m craving apple crisp now, though! lol

After lunch, we hit up Whole Foods. How jealous am I that we don’t have one of these in town!? The Whole Foods was awesome, though I was a tad disappointed they didn’t have the juice bar like I’ve seen at others. I was planning to order something!

Though I did manage to hold myself back from buying more stuff than I can take back home, I did get some fresh-ground honey roasted peanut butter – can’t wait to try this stuff out!


After WF, we headed home as soon as possible to de-frost.  My parents used to do the traditional hodge-podge tree with a random assortment of sizes, shapes and colors of ornaments. Over the last couple years, they’ve done a white, silver, and blue tree, which I think is really pretty.


They always hang our “Teddy ornament.” We got this ornament when we had our German Shepherd, Teddy, who passed away a few years ago. He was an amazing dog and friend and family member, and we miss him terribly.


To help with our de-frosting, I made some hot tea. I went with a family favorite – Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime. The flavors are so simple and mellow, but I love them.

I think it’s almost time to start dinner, so I’m going to head downstairs and see if I can help out.

I leave you with one of my favorite Christmas songs – All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

What’s your favorite holiday song?

Jam Packed Day Continued

The first half of the day was about as busy as normal, but we had so much to do after work.

I had plans to make an important trip just after work to visit an office that closed at 5:30pm. Of course, the meeting that was supposed to end at 5pm ended late, so I totally missed my visit! Grr…wouldn’t have been so upset if I hadn’t been putting the trip off all week because I couldn’t fit it into my work schedule.

I stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up stuff for dinner.  You should have seen my basket…I swear, if it weren’t for the sour cream I bought, you-da thought I was vegan (or at least vegetarian) ! lol I had soy creamer, veggie masala burgers, and other good stuff in my basket.

IMG_9857 IMG_9859

I was starving by the time I got home and started on dinner immediately – Beef Strogonaff! For the first time, instead of mincing my mushrooms, I sliced them up and even added more than usual. Perhaps I am starting to like them after all these years? ;)

IMG_9863 IMG_9864

I love how easy beef strongonaff is. I wish it cooked up faster, but at least the easy part is a score.


I normally serve my beef strogonaff over egg noodles, but we were out!  Who knew? 


I decided bowties were the next closest thing around. Paprika and parsley are the perfect garnish.


Round 2 – not as pretty, just as tasty


Bailey was sleepy all night…must be the weather



While I worked on a jewelry order post-dinner….



Hubby played Santa Claus delivering our hot cocoa mix and cookies to some friends.


I snacked on some of our treats – an Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie


…a piece of Cookies and Cream bark


…and a handmade caramel.

Hubby and I are thinking of making chocolates for Christmas next year. I think that’s pretty awesome!

As if we hadn’t done enough in the day, we had plans to visit my fam this weekend. With reports that icy/snowy weather would hit town in the morning, we decided to take a late trip out of town.

After leaving work (later than expected), grocery shopping, cooking dinner, delivering gifts, and making a jewelry order, we still had to pack and hit the road.

It was 11pm by the time we got in the car, but we were worried about not being able to go at all if we didn’t leave when we did.  We made it to my parent’s house safe and sound, though quite tired.


How many trips will you be making to visit friends and family for the holidays?

Jam-Packed Day

NOTE: Finally caved and downloaded on hubby’s and my sister’s (non Mac) computers so I can blog away from home. Not loving what it’s doing to my code, but I guess that’s just the geek in me.

Some days I don’t know what I’m thinking trying to accomplish as much as I do.

IMG_9821 IMG_9819

Things started off with a nice breakfast of Choco-Banana-Date Oatmeal with Christmas Blend coffee.


Bailey was fast asleep on the couch while I munched away.


At work, we had our small but mighty holiday pot luck.

IMG_9826 IMG_9827

We had ham, cheesy potatoesIMG_9829

Salad (with a great assortment of veggies may I add – green peppers, pepperoncinis, cherry tomatoes, carrots and even green onions)…


Chips and dip


More delicious handmade chocolate


Peppermint and Cookies and Cream bark


My cookies! (Like you expected me to bring anything else! lol)…My healhtified Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies.


pecan tassies


I quickly loaded up a plate with a little bit of everything…savory first, though. I don’t like my salty and sweet to touch.


Of course when the mac and cheese arrived late…


I had to make room!


My sweet plate – a little bit of everything again.


I even got a box of chocolates to take home as a party favor.


I traded around to get some more caramels and added in some Cookies and Cream bark for hubby.

Gosh a ladybug just started crawling around the keyboard out of nowhere!  Kind of scared me, but ladybugs are one bug I can tolerate.  Plus, they’re lucky! And I can always use some more luck!

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