Bailey’s Christmas Present – A Doggie Bed!

Hubby and I set out today in search of dog beds for Bailey for his Christmas present.


He was so excited to be in Petsmart that he could hardly sit still in one bed.


We made him lay down on a few different ones.


I didn’t see any in colors or patterns I particularly loved, so we picked out a couple beds that had really muted colors.


Here’s one we ended up with – he seems to like this one pretty good.

We actually got another one that looks sort of like an overstuffed pillow, too.


I put our leftovers from last night’s amazing dinner onto an aluminum foil lined baking sheet to re-heat. I don’t like microwaving food – especially meat. Meat tastes funny to me after being microwaved.

I wrapped the leftover roll in aluminum foil and then baked it without the aluminum foil for a few minutes to let the outside crisp up.


The roll heated up nicely and went great with those leftover flavored butters.


I had a little bit of everything leftover to eat: filet, tomato, mashed potatoes, and even a tiny mushroom.


We even had some of that dark chocolate mousse cake with creme anglaise leftover for a rich lunch-dessert.

Time to hit the road to visit Dan’s fam for Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I have some vanilla soy milk here that will expire over the weekend, so I decided to cook my oatmeal in it to help use it up.


I gotta enjoy my stove top oats while I have the time (I typically don’t make stove top during the week in my rush to get to work).


Today’s mix was an attempt to use up leftovers around the house.


Quasi Directions:

I cooked 1/4 cup extra thick oats in 2/3 cup vanilla soy milk with a pinch of flaxseed. I’ve found a little extra liquid help make my oats the consistency I like.

On top, I crumbled some leftover GHBC Pumpkin/Cinnamon Chip scuffin, I added some fresh-ground honey roasted PB, and a couple carob chips for good measure.

(I didn’t add any extra sweetener since the vanilla soy milk was already so sweet)




Yummers! What a fab combo! I normally don’t like to mix a lot of different flavors together, but these went together surprisingly well. Maybe because they’re all relatively “light” flavors?

Hubby and I are about to try to find a doggie bed for Bailey. He needs like 3 of them, but one will do for now.

Then, we have to pack and we’re off to visit Dan’s fam for Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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