Darn Good Chocolate Cake Time


IMG_1958 (640x427)

Lookie who I’m hanging out with!

IMG_1970 (640x427)

Hubby and I headed out to visit my fam and made a quick pit stop at Henry’s for eats.

IMG_1955 (640x427)

Sweet tea for this gal.

IMG_1963 (640x427) IMG_1965 (640x427)

Hubby and I split the regular sandwich plate with baked beans, french fries, cole slaw on the side instead of on the sammie.

IMG_1968 (640x427)

A mini banana pudding shared for dessert.

IMG_1975 (640x427)

We headed out to do some yard work post lunch.

IMG_1976 (640x427)

I was in charge of watering the plants.

IMG_1977 (640x427)

While the boys used some big tools.

IMG_1991 (640x427) IMG_1998 (427x640) IMG_2007 (640x427) IMG_2005 (640x427)

Fresh air!

IMG_2011 (640x427)

Later, I decided it was time for birthday cookies (since it’s my birthday month and all), so we hit up one of my personal faves – The Chocolate Shoppe.

IMG_2009 (640x427)

We were greeted with the standard cookie sample – snickerdoodle was the flavor today.

IMG_2014 (640x427)

Picked out a batch of various flavors to take home.

IMG_2015 (640x427)

Downed this dark chocolate chunk first.

IMG_2018 (640x427)

Mom and I went thrifting and I found this pretty painting for $1.50. I think it’ll look pretty nice in my turquoise room. I was hoping to find stuff for my holiday party, but didn’t find much for it.

IMG_2028 (640x427)

Had to try another cookie flavor – chewy oatmeal. Nom.

IMG_2034 (640x427)

The fam got busy in the kitchen for dinner.

IMG_2037 (640x427)

Terriyaki shrimp, steamed green beans (from my parent’s garden) and fried rice.

IMG_2044 (640x427)

Plus sis made white miso soup with potatoes and onions (a meal she said she had a lot in Australia).

IMG_2047 (640x427)

Dinner was wonderful, per the usual.

IMG_2050 (640x427)

And I even talked mom and sis into making a chocolate cake for my bday.

IMG_2055 (640x427) IMG_2057 (640x427)  IMG_2060 (640x427)

IMG_2062 (640x427)IMG_2067 (640x427) IMG_2072 (640x427) IMG_2076 (640x427)

Speaking of which, this Darn-Good-Chocolate-Cake (from the Cake Doctor) is calling my name. It’s cake time!

Cheers! :)

What are you up to this weekend?

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