Impromptu Party in Pink


So, some of you were probably wondering why I was packing last night when I just got back from a major trip to the Bahamas…

IMG_4942 (427x640) 

I made a last minute trip to visit my good friend, Sara of Zumba by Sara, who was organizing a Party in Pink zumbathon in Roanoke, VA to raise money for Susan G. Komen.

IMG_4904 (640x427)

We left bright and early at 5:30 am this morning. The sunrise was gorgeous

IMG_4907 (640x427) IMG_4913 (640x427)

IMG_4911 (640x427) IMG_4920 (640x427)

As was the fog pouring through the valley.

IMG_4922 (640x427) 

We hit up Bojangles for a quick breakfast. I got an egg biscuit and coffee.

IMG_4929 (640x427)

And then we were off to the gym.

IMG_4971 (640x427)

IMG_4966 (640x427)

We got there just as people were lining up to get in. Perfect timing!

IMG_4976 (640x427)

And soon enough, it was time to get started!

Here are some photos from the event:

IMG_4987 (427x640) IMG_4989 (640x427) IMG_4979 (640x427) IMG_4995 (640x427)

It was 2 hours of dancing BLISS! I got to lead one song and helped out throughout the crowd with the others.

IMG_4999 (640x427) IMG_5033 (640x427) IMG_5052 (640x427) IMG_5061 (640x427)

IMG_4935 (640x427) IMG_5069 (640x427) IMG_5067 (640x427) IMG_4963 (640x427) IMG_5080 (427x640) 

I almost didn’t make this trip since the invite was kind of last minute, and the thought of waking up at 5am and traveling after having been away from home (thanks to my Bahamas trip last week) was a bit daunting. But a good friend once said, “I can sleep when I’m dead”, and I figured lack of sleep was less important than helping out a friend. So, I said, Carpe Diem and chose to make this trip today, and I am SO thankful I did. :)

Have you ever had a Carpe Diem moment? What happened?

Breakfast Cups – A TCL Staple


You pet kissers, YOU! lol jk You guys are hilarious,though…anywho…

Last minute change of plans means I’m up late packing for an impromptu trip.

So…I’m going to keep today’s post short with some of the more interesting photos.IMG_4789.jpg

Hubby said I portray Bailey as a baby.

IMG_4791.jpg IMG_4792.jpg IMG_4794.jpg

I guess that’s why we call him “Big Baby Bailey.” :lol:

Perhaps another video would help portray his zesty side?


Have you heard about the latest The Chic Life staple?


Breakfast cups, my friend. I have so many ideas for flavor combos and I love how these breakfast cups make nice presentation and easy serving. Not to mention they’re a cinch to put together and can even use up leftover ingredients.

After yesterday’s super fun Coco Loco French Toast Cups with Coconut Cream, I was inspired to try something savory.


Any guesses on what flavor these bad boys are?


I actually enjoyed today’s breakfast cups with orange juice and a homemade muffin from mom (re-baked for that fresh taste). Hello deliciousness!


And I even got to try one of my Bahamas souvenirs today!


I tried the Caribbean coconut tea and boy was it tasty!

A lovely black tea with a distinct coconut flavor. I sweetened the tea with honey and loved every, cozy sip!


I wonder what I’ll do when I run out, though…eeps!


And the first day of October wouldn’t have been complete without a bowl of pumpkin oats! Yummmy!

I made this bowl with some coconut milk, water, oats and chia seeds and used maple syrup and shredded coconut for my toppers. Simple but delish! And the combo of pumpkin and coconut is just divine!

Off to finish packing…it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow! Can’t wait to share details!

Did you do anything special since it was the first day of October?

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