Kale Times Two


I thought the weekend would never get here!

First off, thank you so much for your sad-song recommendations. I don’t think I’ve had the chance to appropriately thank you yet, but you guys gave me some great music ideas! You guys have great taste! I am happy to report I’m out of my funky mood where I want to listen to those songs. Yay!


Hubby and I headed out for a yummy brunch at Terrace Cafe with a groupon we’ve been saving up.

IMG_6186.jpg IMG_6189.jpg IMG_6190.jpg

I love how open and airy it is in here.


And the neat plateware is fun.

IMG_6200.jpg IMG_6191.jpg

I opted for a creamy latte.


And hubby started with Brunswick stew.



I ordered the crab cakes benedict.


And hubby ordered the Belgian waffle with pecans.

But we shared both. They were both really tasty and I was glad to have both my savory and sweet tooth satisfied.


And then we got our shop on. I picked up a couple lady-essentials at Victoria’s Secret. They actually forgot to charge me for one item. Does that ever happen to you? It seems to happen to me all. the. time. But, I couldn’t just leave with the “free” item. So, I went back in, pointed out that they forgot to charge me, and paid for my item like I was supposed to. It would have felt like I was stealing the item otherwise.

IMG_6213.jpg IMG_6210.jpg

After our shopping spree, it was time for donuts! We got donut holes this time.


And I also picked up my first fall veggies – kale! Kale times two that is!

I got two types of kale:

  • dinosaur
  • curly leafed

I figured it would be fun to have both types. The lady at the garden store said these were edible but most people bought them for decoration. What?! I didn’t know people could or would even want to buy them for decoration. I just thought they were delicious. lol


And I’m going to have beets take 2. Last time I planted beet seeds, they sprouted up but then slowly disappeared. I’m hoping to have better luck this time.


The peppers seem to be growing late for me. There are 3 right in this one small area! What’s up with that? No peppers all summer and now you want to grow? I’ll take em, though. :)


My updated garden. I still have that slightly-chewed-up-swiss-chard, along with the kale, peppers, and the tomato plants. I couldn’t think of anything tall to plant back there and there are a handful of cherry tomatoes left to harvest, so I’ll keep them a bit longer.

The fall salad I wanted to make the other day will have to wait. I’m going out for a friend’s 40th birthday and there are some fun times ahead, indeed. Check my twitter for updates. ;) You’ll never guess what we end up doing. Heck, even I don’t really know what we’ll really end up doing!

What are your favorite fall vegetables?

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe


Earlier this week, I took a cue from Ellie Krieger and created a lightened up chicken dish using her mostly-yogurt, some-mayo trick, making a Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe.

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

My mom used to make chicken salad all the time when my sister and I were growing up.

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

So, I guess you can call chicken salad a “family fave.”

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

I love the creaminess of the chicken salad, but I’m not necessarily a fan of lots of goopey mayo. I like how a touch of Greek yogurt can work with the mayo to make a creamy flavor that isn’t too heavy.

As for which Greek yogurt to use, I really like Stonyfield Greek and Chobani. Just make sure you pick plain and not vanilla!

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

I don’t think my mom ever made chicken salad with the flavor I chose to use this week, but dill was what I had on hand.

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe

I used dried dill in this Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe, though I do think fresh would be much better. I only used dried out of convenience because it was in my pantry, and I didn’t feel like running to the store just for some dill.

Anywho, this recipe is super easy, so I hope you like it!

Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe


Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Greek yogurt lightens up this classic chicken salad. Use fresh dill if you have it on hand, but the dried version will work, too. If you go with fresh, be sure to add more since the flavor isn’t as concentrated. This is also a great use for leftover cooked chicken, especially when you can’t quite finish that rotisserie chicken. Did I mention this just takes a couple minutes to mix up?
Serves 2-3
Serves: 3
  • 2 cups cooked chicken, shredded (I like to use rotisserie for the texture, especially with leftovers after having it for a quick meal)
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt, like Oikos (don’t sub plain regular yogurt because it won’t be thick enough unless you know how to strain it)
  • 1 celery stalk, cleaned and chopped small
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise (light, plain, canola-oil based…any type will do)
  • 1-2 tsp dried dill (depending on how strong you want the dill flavor – use fresh if you have it available, though you may need more if you use fresh)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  1. In a medium bowl, mix together yogurt, mayonnaise, dill, salt and pepper until evenly combined.
  2. Add chicken and celery, and stir till sauce is well-distributed.
  3. Serve on good, whole grain bread or on top of a bed of greens.
Note: Recipe easily multiplies to serve more

What are your favorite ingredients to add to chicken salad?

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