Kale Times Two

I thought the weekend would never get here!

First off, thank you so much for your sad-song recommendations. I don’t think I’ve had the chance to appropriately thank you yet, but you guys gave me some great music ideas! You guys have great taste! I am happy to report I’m out of my funky mood where I want to listen to those songs. Yay!


Hubby and I headed out for a yummy brunch at Terrace Cafe with a groupon we’ve been saving up.

IMG_6186.jpg IMG_6189.jpg IMG_6190.jpg

I love how open and airy it is in here.


And the neat plateware is fun.

IMG_6200.jpg IMG_6191.jpg

I opted for a creamy latte.


And hubby started with Brunswick stew.



I ordered the crab cakes benedict.


And hubby ordered the Belgian waffle with pecans.

But we shared both. They were both really tasty and I was glad to have both my savory and sweet tooth satisfied.


And then we got our shop on. I picked up a couple lady-essentials at Victoria’s Secret. They actually forgot to charge me for one item. Does that ever happen to you? It seems to happen to me all. the. time. But, I couldn’t just leave with the “free” item. So, I went back in, pointed out that they forgot to charge me, and paid for my item like I was supposed to. It would have felt like I was stealing the item otherwise.

IMG_6213.jpg IMG_6210.jpg

After our shopping spree, it was time for donuts! We got donut holes this time.


And I also picked up my first fall veggies – kale! Kale times two that is!

I got two types of kale:

  • dinosaur
  • curly leafed

I figured it would be fun to have both types. The lady at the garden store said these were edible but most people bought them for decoration. What?! I didn’t know people could or would even want to buy them for decoration. I just thought they were delicious. lol


And I’m going to have beets take 2. Last time I planted beet seeds, they sprouted up but then slowly disappeared. I’m hoping to have better luck this time.


The peppers seem to be growing late for me. There are 3 right in this one small area! What’s up with that? No peppers all summer and now you want to grow? I’ll take em, though. 🙂


My updated garden. I still have that slightly-chewed-up-swiss-chard, along with the kale, peppers, and the tomato plants. I couldn’t think of anything tall to plant back there and there are a handful of cherry tomatoes left to harvest, so I’ll keep them a bit longer.

The fall salad I wanted to make the other day will have to wait. I’m going out for a friend’s 40th birthday and there are some fun times ahead, indeed. Check my twitter for updates. 😉 You’ll never guess what we end up doing. Heck, even I don’t really know what we’ll really end up doing!

What are your favorite fall vegetables?

11 thoughts on “Kale Times Two”

  1. I used to live in Kittery ME, right next to Portsmouth NH, and there’s a beautiful fall centerpiece downtown with so much kale, and I always want to pick it and eat it 😀

  2. That restaurant looks awesome! What a cool atmosphere and the food looks insanely delicious! It sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day. And good for you for being honest. I do the same thing because when it comes down to it, my real conscious is always stronger than my guilty conscious. Have a great night!!

  3. I would say squash, but technically those are all fruits so I’ll go with sweet taters. Currently waiting to harvest the ones my hub is growing in our backyard.

  4. I love that restaurant. I just went there with a friend to celebrate out birthdays. I had the black bean vegetable soup and it was fantastic. Where are those donuts from? (I live in Charlotte too)


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