Fresh Picked Parsley for the Pot Luck


Before I dig into the post, did you notice I gave TCL a mini-makeover with a new header image?! Hope you like it! Ok…moving on…


After not getting raptured on Saturday, I had all day Sunday to enjoy with my friends.


First up, I met up with the Charlotte Food Bloggers for a pot-luck style get-together at the park.


I dug into my garden to gather ingredients for my dish.


Beforehand, I grabbed a huge bunch of curly parsley from my garden and hardly left a dent in the plant. It is still gigantic! Guess I need to cook more with parsley. It’s funny how big the parsley plant is considering I actually planted it last year, it died over the winter, and randomly popped up again this spring. Tough little thing!

Anywho, having done many-a-potluck meal thanks to many food blog get-togethers, I know savory dishes are usually the minority. So, I’ve been trying to bring simply savory sides that are veg/vegan friendly so far to help balance out the eats. (My inner sweet tooth is itching to make something sweet, though! Maybe next time?)


Anywho, I must say, of all the potential hobbies out there…food-related ones have to be one of the best. Sure, we could get together to talk about video games or bird watching, but when you get together with foodies you get to enjoy delicious eats!


Lots and lots of them.


We all quickly dug in and filled our plates up.


I overdid it last time, so I kept my portions small first round, knowing I could always get more.


When the Southern Cake Queen showed up with cupcakes, I kind of forgot about any possibility of savory plate #2 and dug into the cupcakes and the other sweets I’d been eyeing – Julie’s pie and Katie’s raw brownies.


Photo session!


Nommm! Another pot luck with yummy foods!

In attendance, we had: Taylor, Julie, Kelly, Katie, Julia, Ensley, Alison, and Crosby (who is brainstorming a future blog as I type).


And you won’t want to miss my next post. I blog about a fun (and tasty) play date for me and Bailey…plus details on this delicious creation pictured above (hint: it’s a Cake Mini – a new flavor and one you requested!). Helloooooo gorgeous! ;)

What’s your pot luck style? Do you like to bring a certain type of or specific dish?

Rapture – The Song


Another beautiful Saturday in the Carolinas!


Hubby and I started the day at one of our favorite places – the farmer’s market.


We grabbed breakfast at the market from the Roots Farm Food truck. I forgot my DSLR at home, so I tried taking some iPhone photos, but they didn’t turn out good enough to share on the blog.

We shared a veggie quiche and strawberry streusel. They were both wonderful.


I ended up taking home some golden beets and purple kale. Can’t wait to cook those up and eat them!


Bailey has decided that in lieu of pillows, his new favorite thing is to lay on my freshly cleaned laundry. Doh! So much for keeping my clothes clean and dog-hair-free!


I made a simple lunch.


Egg sammie on Great Harvest Whole Grain Goodness toasted bread.


Plus a super-tall pile of fresh-baked kale chips. I used kale that I picked up at the market last week. I forgot about it this past work-week and didn’t expect it to still be good on Saturday, but it sure was. It crisped up nicely, too!


I brewed up some Youthberry tea to relax and enjoy whilst replying to some of your comments. I have been such a comment-reply-failure lately. I love reading your comments, and usually think of great responses in my head. But, it can take me awhile to actually submit the comment online!


To celebrate the Rapture, my friends and I decided to go out to Cowfish.


Not really…we decided to get together and it just happened to be on Rapture day.


I met up with my friends Erica, Toya, and Megan for dinner and a movie just before 6 pm, which was when Rapture was supposed to happen. Hubby texted me around 6:15 to see if I’d been raptured, and we both agreed if it happened to anyone, it would have been Bailey.


I cashed in on a free-appetizer coupon to get a Crab Rangoon dip for the table. It was my friends’ first visit to Cowfish and they really wanted to try it.




I got my usual – the bento box (mini burger, sushi roll, sweet potato fries, edamame, cucumber salad). For whatever reason, I am now addicted to the combination of sushi and burgers, just not together in the same bite. The restaurant does offer that, but I just like getting a sushi roll…and some burger…in the same meal.


Erica and Megan got bento boxes, too!


I got the specialty box this time…including a shrimp tempura roll.


I ordered the specialty (instead of the original) so I could get the mini burger of the week, which had pimento cheese, tortilla chips, and pepper on top.

Everything was wonderful as always.


Unfortunately, when we went to the movie theater, we found out Bridesmaids was sold out. Ruh-roh.

We ended up hitting up Ulta instead to make-up shop and run covert nail polish operations. ;)

And then we hit up Dean & Deluca for dessert and drinks. I had a latte and shared this piece of coconut cream cake with Erica. We may have missed the movie, but we made up for it with fun girl talk and tasty treats.


All this talk of Rapture reminds me…”Rapture” is one of my all time favorite techno songs. There are a bajillion mixes of the song, and I wasn’t able to find my fave on youtube, but here’s the video for the original version by iio.:

I was pretty big into techno in college, but I don’t really listen to it any more. I do still like when this song randomly plays on my iPod, though. :)


Did you do anything different or special for Rapture day?

Did you / do you like techno music?

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