Challenges are fun and can help you stay motivated to reach your goals. I love hosting challenges here on The Chic Life so I can encourage others to reach their goals, too.

Eat in Month

The most popular challenge hosted here on The Chic Life has been running since 2010! Join in every January - everyone's welcome!

The original Eat in Month challenge
- It all started in 2010 with an idea to save money and eat more healthfully in the new year.
Eat in Month 2011
Eat in Month 2012

Other Challenges

Here are some of the other challenges I've hosted over the years

Charity / Fundraisers

I've hosted a couple fundraisers here on The Chic Life over the years. Though the events were hosted here, I couldn't have done these fundraisers without the help and support of many other bloggers and the bloggers' community of friends, family, and readers like you.

Online Bake Sale for Haiti

The Online Bake Sale for Haiti was a fundraiser that I organized following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Donations poured in from fellow food and healthy living bloggers from around the world who offered to bake up something delicious to the highest bidder. 100% of the money raised went to the American Red Cross (Haiti fund). We raised almost $3,000!

Online Bake Sale and Auction for the Philippines

Our mom is from the Philippines, so my sister encouraged me to organize another online fundraiser but this time, to help the Philippines recover from the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Once again, the food and healthy living blogger community came together to offer over 50 items up for bids in an online auction. Even members of my local Charlotte, NC community wanted to help out, so we had a special section for them. With everyone's help we were able to raise just over $3,000 for the American Red Cross and World Food Programme, with the majority benefiting their respective typhoon relief funds.
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