Tofu-Avocado Sammie + Avocado Dessert

Tofu Avocado Sammie


For my third Tofu Smorgashborg dish, I decided to take my tofu to another form – sammie form!


I bought this beautiful avocado at Trader Joe’s in an attempt to continue to diversify my diet. I tend to eat the same things a lot, so I’m always trying to aware of the variety of foods I eat. For some reason, avocados aren’t on my frequently-eaten-foods list.


I only needed half for my sandwich, so I saved the rest for later. I read in my Everyday Food that the best way to store unused avocado is by leaving the pit in and wrapping the avocado seconds in plastic wrap.



I made another berry-tea-fizz drink with more Trader Joe’s Berry Bonanza juice, Pellegrino, Yogi Ginger tea, and agave.


I did a play on Ellie’s Marinated Tofu, but I left the tofu in slice form.



I just put the tofu and avocado slices on some nice, hearty Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat toast. The tofu had enough flavor in it, so I went sans sauce.

Avocado Dessert


I wasn’t sure what to do with the last couple slices of avocado since I had already wrapped the rest up so neatly, but I quickly remembered this crazy Avocado dessert my mom used to eat all the time.


Basically, you just take some avocado…


…mash it up…


…add milk and sugar to taste.

It’s surprisingly simple and surprisingly tasty. I should do this more often!

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