CA Wine Country Stop #3 – Rosenblum Cellars

After leaving Trentadue Winery, we headed over to Healdsburg, CA for a snack. It was about 4:30 pm and we’d had a late breakfast, but no other food…just lots of good wine. We got a couple recommendations for restaurants in Healdsburg by the peeps at Trenadue and decided on hitting up Ravenous where we heard they had a great burger. Unfortunately, we were a tad early and the restaurant didn’t open till 5!


Although we were a bit hungry, we decided more wine sounded like a good idea still, plus most wineries closed after 5/6 pm-ish, so we hit up Rosemblum Cellars. Rosenblum’s Healdsburg tasting room was actually in the city of Healdsburg, so the place was packed! We had to wait to get a spot for tasting. A spot opened up but the people on either side of it spread out so we couldn’t fit. Luckily, the nice man behind the counter kindly asked the gentlemen to help us make our way to the tasting counter. How nice!


The tasting room was super cute and there was wine everywhere!


There was a cozy sitting area across from the tasting counter, but this area stayed pretty empty while we were there.


Once we got a spot at the tasting counter, it was vino time! My friend and I each got the reserve wine samplings. I was most intrigued by the wine they said was for barbecues and grilling-out parties! Those wines really did taste like they’d go great with some nice, smoky summer-grilled foods! I didn’t get any bottles of these BBQ wines, but wish I did!


More etched-glasses! I loved how each winery had their own etched tasting glasses.


Seriously…wine everywhere!


Love those pour spouts.


Though this place was busy, we had a good time with our wine tasting. Oh, and do you see that decorative vase-looking-thing in the background?


I’m talking about this thingy – the blue, green, and yellow vase. If you’re not familiar with wine tasting, you may not know what this is. This receptacle is where you pour the wines you don’t want to drink any more. I know…it sounds almost impossible to not want to finish your wine! But, if you’re up for a serious day of wine-visiting, you can easily visit 5+ wineries, so at some point, you may wish to not finish your entire tasting glass, especially if you’re driving! In that case, simply pour your wine into this vase. Done and done.




Rosenblum has a stimulus plan, too.


My friend and I wrapped up our wine tastings and even got to try some of their delicious dessert wines, including one that is flavored like chocolate!


I probably would have only been able to get 1 bottle of wine, but due to luggage space, not budget. Like I said, I had budgeted for some vacay shopping. Lucky me, the winery offered $5 shipping to select spots if you purchased 6 bottles of wine or more. Now, I say I budgeted money, but I didn’t budget 6 bottles worth! As it worked out, my friend got 3 and I got 3, which they let qualify my order for the shipping…yay! The peeps at Rosenblum were so nice! I picked up 2 dessert wines and 1 white. There they are on the counter while our wine helper prepares my goodies for shipment. I’ll post wine details once they arrive…should be any day now!


Friends at Rosenblum. :)


Corks by the entrance/exit. Info on the wine club, too. Each of the wineries we visited had their own wine clubs, which I didn’t research, but seemed to get you free tastings and discounts on wine. If only I lived in Cali…I would be all about a wine club membership! In fact, my friend said she wants to retire in California wine country and now that I’ve seen what it has to offer…I want to retire there, too! It’s beautiful and so relaxing! Actually, I think it would be really cool to open a cafe or my own winery there. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the lottery? *le sigh* Maybe one fine day?


After finishing our tasting at Rosenblum Cellars, we headed back to Ravenous for sustenance. More on dinner + dessert next time!

CA Wine Country Stop #2 – Trentadue Winery

After leaving Bella Winery + Wine Caves, we headed over to the next stop on my friend’s winery list – Trentadue Winery . This was a winery my friend had never been to, but heard good things about. We lucked out that my friend happened to have a winery map complete with winery addresses, along with a GPS system so we could enter the addresses and get directions. I think I need a GPS, too! It was so cool!


We greeted at the main gate by a simple sign with some pretty orange flowers.


We passed the gate and drove down a red-leaved-tree-lined road towards the winery.


The wine tasting area was very fru-fru-looking from the outside.


I loved the fountain outside…especially the lions!


This winery had more counter space for us, so we grabbed a nice corner spot. Trentadue Winery offered free wine tastings from the left side of the menu – any choice of (about) 8 wines! Free wine tastings are always nice. See the etched wine glasses again?


My friend got the port tasting…


I got the regular wine tasting flight.


The glasses were totally different sizes! My friend’s glass was so cute and mini! I sampled a couple wines off the free list and all the ones on my tasting flight. I even got a couple sips of my friend’s port tastings. The wine tastings were all delicious. Additionally, I really liked the staff at Trentadue. They were very personable and energetic.


Yay for wine tastings with good friends!


The ladies next to us had the cutest doggie! This is (I believe) a Mi-Ki. I hear it’s a new breed? I’ve certainly never heard of it before.


They even showed us some of their dog’s tricks like how she could stand.


So cute!


After our entertainment, we wrapped up our wine-tasting and discussed wine-purchase-options.


I got 2 bottles! I purchased 2 reds:

I couldn’t decide between these 2 bottles of wine (both from the free list, surprisingly enough), and since they were reasonably priced, I figured it was ok to get both (especially since I had some spending money budgeted for the trip and wasn’t just charging up a storm). I can’t wait to enjoy them now that I’m home!
Anywho, after Trentadue Winery, we were off to Healdsburg, CA to get a snack, then more vino!

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