Smell of Fresh Paint

Hubby and I enjoyed a smooth ride with some great XM radio on our car ride back home from my parent’s house. We were very excited about seeing our newly painted kitchen cabinets. If you don’t remember, they used to look like this (click).

Fresh Paint

We came home to the smell of fresh paint and this…



Ok, so it doesn’t really look very good what with cabinets open and pieces of painted wood everywhere, but we really think the kitchen looks so much more open! The cabinets were still wet and therefore drying, which wasn’t so much a problem except the smell of paint is really REALLY strong! Eww!

The worst part? No stove, no sink, no countertops…making the Eat in Month Challenge a REAL challenge tonight!

New Zumbawear


I decided to figure dinner out later and headed to zumba class with some new zumbawear! An instructor jacket and a headband. Firstly, I freakin LOVE this jacket and secondly this headband rocks! I think the headband is going to become a staple of my workout wardrobe. I love how I can keep my hair down while I dance but the headband keeps my hair out of my face. Score!

Anywho, I had a blast as class (as always!) and got a good 1 1/2 hours of cardio in, plus some stretching. I can’t wait to join a gym, though, because I’d really like to incorporate some strength training to my routine!

“Challenge” is the Key Word

As for food, I thought briefly about just tacking on an extra day to Eat in Month and eating out tonight with my GFs, but they couldn’t do dinner tonight anyways #1 and #2…I’m just not a quitter! If I commit to something, I try my best to finish whatever it is out.

I didn’t have a sink (no dirty dishes, please) or countertops (nowhere to prep) or a stove (ok, that leaves the microwave), so I decided a frozen meal was my best option.


I busted out this TJ’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna.



oh yes, some random plastic silverware and a paper plate. Nice!


This wasn’t the best lasagna I’ve ever had, but the ingredient list is pretty impressive, so I appreciate that. The lasagna had a kind of funny aftertaste, but overall, I thought it was pretty good for frozen lasagna. I’d buy it again.

I had a TJ’s chocolate soy milk for dessert and called it a day (eat wise…still more work to do).

Tonight, I have to check my email and compile bakers. I am so impressed with how many people have signed up! You guys are amazing!

Photoshoot by the River

My mom and sis had to work today, so hubby, Dad, and me were on our own eat-wise.

IMG_9199.JPG IMG_9202.JPG

I heated up some leftover frittatas and a whole wheat roll (with a dab of butter on the side). Coffee and a mini glass of OJ to drink.

After breakfast, hubby, Bailey, and I headed out for a quick photo shoot in the downtown area of my parent’s town.


Closed aperture.


Open aperture.


My first moving water photo! So neat!


Closed aperture.


Open aperture.


Bailey made some doggie friends at the park.


My boys!


I had leftover pancit and lumpia for lunch.

IMG_9341.JPG IMG_9343.JPG

I also noshed on some of these irresistible Brown Rice chips…nom nom nom.


After some sweet rice for dessert, we hit the road to head home and check out our freshly painted cabinets.

Eek! So exciting!

PS Haiti Bake Sale Participants – I’ve received several more submissions and I’ve got you! I just need to add you to my info and update the post…it takes longer than you would think, so I haven’t had the chance yet, but I will get you added! Thanks for joining in! :)

Filipino Feast

Photography homework continues…even at breakfast.


Closed aperture


Open aperture.

Most importantly in the AM – Coffee!


We had a big spread at breakfast.


Scrambled eggs, bacon…


Fresh grated cheddar to top…


Breakfast potatoes with onion, red pepper, and fresh parsley.

IMG_8989 IMG_8990

Per the usual, I had a wee bit of everything. OJ to drink.


I had an almond twist my sister made with the leftover puff pastry and almond paste from our Galette des Rois from yesterday. It was quite tasty and a nice use of leftovers (though we do have about a half can of the almond paste left…hmm…maybe we’ll make cookies?)


I enjoyed some of these strangy, airy brown rice chips my fam got from Costco. This stuff is addicting! I noshed on these whilst researching charities for my Online Bake Sale for Haiti (we’re still looking for bakers and the attention of some potential bidders).


After getting some good work done on the bake sale, I was called downstairs to take some photos of the prep work for our Filipino feast – food to celebrate my mom and hubby’s b-days.


IMG_9004 IMG_9008

IMG_9009 IMG_9012


My sister rolled up some lumpia (Filipino spring/egg rolls)

IMG_9017 IMG_9023


IMG_9040 IMG_9058

Then she got started on dessert – sweet rice! A family favorite. This dish is basically made with a sticky dessert rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Mmm…


I just had to taste test. ;)

IMG_9067  a little extra sauce on top.


IMG_9079 IMG_9081

IMG_9082 IMG_9090 IMG_9094  IMG_9098


My mom was halfway done cooking some pancit (like a Filipino rice noodle stir fry) when my camera battery died.

Luckily, I had my ninja camera on backup!



IMG_1588 IMG_1591

Taste test for the chef (moi! ok mostly my mom…lol)


Cover and cook through.


Sauce for the lumpia


Pan frying the lumpia

And lunch is ready! (and my camera battery was charged up with enough juice to wrap up our eats).


Our mini Filipino celebration feast. These are some dishes served at Filipino parties.


Gotta have rice.

My family is experimenting with a sticky Japanese rice. I think I like the Jasmine better. I like sticky rice, but in my sushi and sweet rice.

IMG_9122 IMG_9134

Delicious Pancit with a medley of meats and veggies.

IMG_9123 IMG_9131

Golden brown lumpia.

IMG_9127 IMG_9130

Sweet rice!



Round #1

IMG_9156 IMG_9158

Round #2


Hubby and Dad decided to have leftover Galette des Rois for dessert. Dad found the bean and became king for the day! First order of business – order tea!

IMG_9169 IMG_9162 IMG_9171

I had sweet rice for dessert. Nom-alicious!


Blueberry tea with honey whilst hanging out with my parents, fixing jewelry, talking, digesting…

Then, I headed upstairs to work on the Online Bake Sale for Haiti. I spent a few hours compiling names, updating my Excel (which I geekily used with concatenation formulas to create HTML for my blog post), and emailing.

After staring at my computer screen for probably too long, I headed downstairs for a snack-y dinner.


My Dad made some grilled cheese sammies with harvarti and whole grain mustard. I traded in half of my whole wheat version for half of Dad’s pumpernickel. Piece of pickle on the side…gotta love that tanginess!


It’s not every day you’ve got homemade pancit laying around, so I made sure to have a small serving of it, too.


What else but sweet rice for dessert? Served with a little skim milk on the side and heated just slightly in the micro.


Helloooooooooooo dessert!


Ok, so it’s not the most photogenic, but I assure you, it’s delicious! It’s vegan and gluten-free, too since it’s made with coconut milk and rice!

Online Bake Sale for Haiti Update

Just a quick note to say, Wow! How amazing is this community of bloggers?! As of tonight I have 29 bakers signed up and a few others who have indicated interest. I really think that by pulling our forces together, we’re going to be able to raise some great money for Haiti (via the Red Cross)!

I’m currently looking for any companies interested in matching our final donation total, if any are interested.

And, of course, we’re still looking for bakers and looking to gain interest from potential bidders. I’m posting the list of goodies that will be available for bidding on Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010 early (as I get them) so you can go ahead and start eyeing your selection. I already have a couple picked out I’d like to bid on!

Click here to learn more about the Online Bake Sale for Haiti. You can get code at the previous link if you’d like to add the Bake Sale banner image to your side bar.

Thanks to everyone for your support and for helping spread the word!

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