Post Dinner Snack for a Healthier Indulgence


I’m still thinking about that delicious muffin I had for breakfast! If only Great Harvest were open tomorrow – I would totally be there. I will have to settle for Starbucks Monday instead. :)

I did enjoy my citrus-y/cucumber-y water today. Plus, I had fun using one of our wedding gifts.


I had a big project to do this afternoon, so I got some brain fuel ready – Cheerful Cherry Energy Bites and a Yerba Mate Latte (yerba mate tea with milk and organic cane sugar).




As for my “project” today. It made me want to PULL MY HAIR OUT! I was working on adding drop down lists to my menu for The Chic Life blog today. Even though I studied programming in college, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not to mention, programming is significantly more difficult when you don’t work with the code every day and there’s a reason why I’m not a programmer/developer by profession.

I spent HOURS and HOURS today trying to figure out how to do drop down lists on my own. I probably read 30 tutorials and used bits and pieces from a few different ones to piece together a solution.

Anywho, fiiiiiinally, after many frustrating hours, I figured it out. Sort of. I mean, the drop down list menu is far from perfect, but it works. At least…it works on my browser…not sure how it will function with older versions (upgrade people! please? :) ).

You can test it out by hovering over my “Fitness” link in the top menu. It’s the only one with a sub-menu.




Thanks to my project taking longer than I expected, I skipped Prep Day Sunday. I was pretty bummed, too, because hubby picked out a tasty looking Clean Food soup recipe. Perhaps I’ll make it this week or next Sunday?

Additionally, a home-cooked meal was not on the agenda. Hubby picked up Chinese take-out.


Half a small egg drop soup plus a couple pieces of crunchies.



3 Veggie pot stickers with dipping sauce.


Plus some veggie lo mein.

Everything was tasty, but a bit on the heavy side – especially that lo mein!

So, I talked the other day about snacking BEFORE a heavy dinner, but you can also snack AFTER a healthy dinner to have a healthier indulgence.

Healthy Eating Tip: Next time you’re having a heavy dinner, if you don’t want to fill up on the heavy foods, save some room for a healthy post-dinner snack.


I decided on some Stonyfield Oikos in Vanilla and some Earthfare Whole Grain Berry Granola.



My yogurt parfait was like a healthy snack AND dessert! Score!

Project Hydrate Day #7

Only Day #7 and I’m starting to lose count of which day of Project Hydrate I’m on! :lol: Anywho, so one week down and I’m feeling pretty good. I think the key to my hydration is the fact that I’m paying more attention to it. That and that I’m more prepared – I have more water/liquids on hand in order to hydrate myself AND I’m working harder on actually drinking more. The combination is really working for me.

My citrus-water-pitcher trick (thanks for the reminder Fran!) was very successful, too. I also found I drank more of the water when it was sitting right in front of me.


  • 5 cups of citrus water
  • 1 cup of yerba mate tea

Ok, still not reaching my goal, but better than a typically Sunday. With these things, I measure success in improvements, not in reaching my goal day #1.

How are you measuring the success of your hydration goal?

Who’s ready for Monday? I think I need another Sunday still!

Breakfast With Tiffany’s


Good morning!

Poor Mister Bailey looks so bored today. I think he needs another play date!

As for moi, I’m soo tired from trying to stay up as late as hubby who went out with the boys last night. Not to mention we lost an hour of sleep…gah!

I decided to do things right today with Project Hydrate with a little visual and taste stimulation, since, as I mentioned yesterday, I do a bad job of hydrating myself on the weekends.

To help with my cause, I broke into one of my fave wedding presents…


You know what turquoise boxes mean, right?


Booyah! That’s right! Tiffany & Co.!!!



Inside, a beautiful pitcher! So gorge!



I know some people save special items for special occasions, but I’m more of a use-the-special-stuff-everyday kinda gal.

So, today, I used our pitcher for the first time (we’ve been waiting to have our kitchen in place to start unpacking stuff). I filled the pitcher with filtered water and slices of lemon, lime, and cucumber.

So fresh and so cool-cool!


I’m totally inspired to drink more water now.

The pitcher totally reminded me of the fabulous dinner I had in California Wine Country at Ravenous in Healdsburg, CA. Click to view the food fun.

On to the food!




I whipped up a delicious brunch for us this AM.

I have to say it was nearly the perfect combination of foods


Protein – sloppy scrambled eggs (sloppy because I mixed the eggs together in the pan instead of in a bowl before pouring the mixture into the pan)


Carbs – whole grains, too, I think! This is a Berry Oat Bran muffin from Great Harvest Bread company. I got one yesterday to share with hubby. Next time I will eat my own. They are so good! :D


Fruit – half an organic orange. So juicy, so tasty!


Plus some yummy Fresh Market Spring Blend coffee.

I have so many to-do’s to do today! Gah! Brewing some tea for some bloggie renovation work. Here we go!

What are you doing to make sure you are hydrated today?

Bailey’s Play Date


As I said this morning, Bailey had a play date this afternoon with a cute bulldog named Layla.





They ran all around our friend’s yard.


Bailey found one of Layla’s toys…


…and played keep-away.





I even got in on the play action for a bit. Fetch!


I went inside with the boys to watch basketball. There were games on almost all day! Does anyone else’s SO love to watch basketball? I think we won’t see much of them for the next month!


Bailey did not like being stuck outside. He’s an inside-doggie!


We got some pizza to eat with the games.


I got a caprese salad for some veggies.


IMG_6241.jpg IMG_6243.jpg

I had three pieces of cheese pizza. So good! I love pizza!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Project Hydrate Day #6

So, after posting last night, I ended up having another glass or two of water, so I guess I made my goal for Friday. Yay!

So, besides WFH making my Project Hydrate goals more challenging, the weekends are also quite difficult. To try to ensure I got enough water, I made sure to fill up one of my water bottles to take with me whilst running errands earlier today. I think I got more water than normal, but still not enough.


  • 3 cups water
  • 1 hot tea (not blogged b/c I forgot to take a photo!)
  • 1 veggie juice

Not too shabby, but I could do better.

Do you have an easier or more difficult time with hydration on the weekends?

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