Post Dinner Snack for a Healthier Indulgence

I’m still thinking about that delicious muffin I had for breakfast! If only Great Harvest were open tomorrow – I would totally be there. I will have to settle for Starbucks Monday instead. 🙂

I did enjoy my citrus-y/cucumber-y water today. Plus, I had fun using one of our wedding gifts.


I had a big project to do this afternoon, so I got some brain fuel ready – Cheerful Cherry Energy Bites and a Yerba Mate Latte (yerba mate tea with milk and organic cane sugar).




As for my “project” today. It made me want to PULL MY HAIR OUT! I was working on adding drop down lists to my menu for The Chic Life blog today. Even though I studied programming in college, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not to mention, programming is significantly more difficult when you don’t work with the code every day and there’s a reason why I’m not a programmer/developer by profession.

I spent HOURS and HOURS today trying to figure out how to do drop down lists on my own. I probably read 30 tutorials and used bits and pieces from a few different ones to piece together a solution.

Anywho, fiiiiiinally, after many frustrating hours, I figured it out. Sort of. I mean, the drop down list menu is far from perfect, but it works. At least…it works on my browser…not sure how it will function with older versions (upgrade people! please? 🙂 ).

You can test it out by hovering over my “Fitness” link in the top menu. It’s the only one with a sub-menu.




Thanks to my project taking longer than I expected, I skipped Prep Day Sunday. I was pretty bummed, too, because hubby picked out a tasty looking Clean Food soup recipe. Perhaps I’ll make it this week or next Sunday?

Additionally, a home-cooked meal was not on the agenda. Hubby picked up Chinese take-out.


Half a small egg drop soup plus a couple pieces of crunchies.



3 Veggie pot stickers with dipping sauce.


Plus some veggie lo mein.

Everything was tasty, but a bit on the heavy side – especially that lo mein!

So, I talked the other day about snacking BEFORE a heavy dinner, but you can also snack AFTER a healthy dinner to have a healthier indulgence.

Healthy Eating Tip: Next time you’re having a heavy dinner, if you don’t want to fill up on the heavy foods, save some room for a healthy post-dinner snack.


I decided on some Stonyfield Oikos in Vanilla and some Earthfare Whole Grain Berry Granola.



My yogurt parfait was like a healthy snack AND dessert! Score!

Project Hydrate Day #7

Only Day #7 and I’m starting to lose count of which day of Project Hydrate I’m on! 😆 Anywho, so one week down and I’m feeling pretty good. I think the key to my hydration is the fact that I’m paying more attention to it. That and that I’m more prepared – I have more water/liquids on hand in order to hydrate myself AND I’m working harder on actually drinking more. The combination is really working for me.

My citrus-water-pitcher trick (thanks for the reminder Fran!) was very successful, too. I also found I drank more of the water when it was sitting right in front of me.


  • 5 cups of citrus water
  • 1 cup of yerba mate tea

Ok, still not reaching my goal, but better than a typically Sunday. With these things, I measure success in improvements, not in reaching my goal day #1.

How are you measuring the success of your hydration goal?

Who’s ready for Monday? I think I need another Sunday still!

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to fill up on a healthy snack before or after an indulgent meal. It keeps you more conscious about moderation if your tummy is full from a healthy snack 🙂

    I loove Chinese food!! Especially lo mein since I’m not a big fan of rice. Hope you had a good weekend! xoxo


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