The Corner Bistro in Freeport


After our Greek lunch in Freeport, hubby and I shopped around a bit before changing for dinner.

IMG_3975 (640x427)

We hit up The Corner Bar & Bistro and started with drinks – a Goombay Smash for moi. Yum!

IMG_3979 (640x427)

Our view of the bay as we dined al fresco.

IMG_3983 (640x427) IMG_3982 (640x427)

Bread and butter.

IMG_3985 (640x427)

Out waiter, Paul, who was also the restaurant manager was extremely accommodating for us. I had a sudden craving for fettuccini alfredo with mushrooms, so that’s what I got. It totally hit the spot.

IMG_3993 (640x427)

Plus a side of sauteed veg.

IMG_3989 (640x427)

Since our lunch was so late, hubby went light with soup and salad. He had a lobster bisque (which he went crazy for!)…

IMG_3992 (640x427)

…and a Caesar salad.

They actually make a special from-scratch Caesar here at the Corner Bistro, so if you ever stop by here, definitely try it. The dressing has a careful balance of flavors and was one of the best Caesars I’ve had.

IMG_3996 (640x427)

And here’s Paul, our Frenchman friend. If you’re ever in Freeport, be sure to pay him a visit.

Greetings from Paradise


Hey friends! Did you miss me?

IMG_3924 (640x427)

Since we last talked, I wrapped up my business trip and have met up with hubby in PARADISE!

Did you guess before where I was going for my birthday? I know one person did!

IMG_3967 (640x427)

Hubby and I are in the BAHAMAS!

IMG_3935 (640x427)

It was rainy when we got in, so we just went for a late lunch.

IMG_3936 (640x427)

We went to one of our favorite restaurants from when we were here last (our wedding trip!)

We hit up Zorba’s Greek Restaurant.

IMG_3940 (640x427)

I got the falafel wrap with a Greek salad and ate a couple of hubby’s fries. It totally hit the spot.

We wandered around the Freeport shopping center for a bit longer.

IMG_3944 (640x427) IMG_3946 (640x427)

We spotted lots of lizards.

IMG_3968 (640x427) IMG_3970 (640x427)

IMG_3964 (640x427) IMG_3969 (640x427)

We enjoyed the scenery.

And we scoped out menus for other restaurants around town to figure out where to eat later on our vacay.

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