What Could You Do With Your Snooze Time?


I didn’t hit my snooze button this morning!

Ok, so maybe I slightly cheated since hubby woke up before me and woke me up about 5 minutes before my alarm was set to go off…but I DID go ahead and get OUT of the bed instead of laying around for 15 or 20 minutes. We’ll call that a win. lol


Coffee was a big help. Coffee is sometimes my motivation to get out of the bed. The sooner I wake up, the sooner I get coffee. This wasn’t always the case, though.

From when I first started drinking coffee, my mom would do the sweetest thing. She brought me coffee to wake me up in the morning! My coffee was almost like my alarm clock. No matter how tired I was or how much I wanted to lay around longer, once that sweet smell of coffee hit my room, I would always be able to sit up just enough to take one glorious sip of hot, creamy coffee. Ahh those were the days! Though to be honest, she still brings me coffee sometimes when I visit home. ;)


It was so nice eating breakfast at a reasonable hour today. Hubby made a fried cage-free egg and one of the last rye bagels.


Ahhhhh! We need more bagels!


What Could You Do With Your Snooze Time?

So yesterday, I mentioned that you can lose a lot of productive time to hitting the snooze button. I also hinted that I’ve heard that the sleep you get during your snooze time isn’t really quality sleep. I found this article (click) confirming that suspicion. I’m sure there are more, but I feel like I’ve heard it from enough sources to believe it, personally. (Do let me know if you find any others – I’d love to see them!)

So what productive things could you be doing with your snooze time instead of getting half-a$$ sleep?

Time Management ChallengeActivity #2 – What could you do with your snooze time?

How-To: Write down how long your average snooze time is. Now write down 5 productive things you could do with that time. And if you’d be willing, I’d love it if you left your activity answers in a comment or on my Facebook wall. Pretty please?

I’ll go first.

My average snooze time: 30 minutes

5 Productive things I could do with 30 minutes:

  • Sleep! Instead of setting my alarm for 6:30am, I could set it for 7:00am. I’d get 30 more minutes of quality sleep time!
  • Read a book. I always complain I don’t have time to read, but I could read quite a bit in 30 minutes and it would be a really relaxing way to start the day.
  • Bake. I could make some really awesome breakfasts with an extra 30 minutes.
  • Blog. I have hundreds of ideas for blog posts. Literally! I could schedule a quick one in the morning before work.
  • Walk. I could take Bailey on a stroll around the neighborhood. Bailey would be thrilled and I think it would be an energizing start to the day.

*Updated to add that my 5 things would each take 30 minutes, so for example, I could do one for each business day of the week – Monday through Friday. I don’t think I could do all 5 in 30 minutes (not all 5 each business day). But feel free to write your list how you like.* :)

Your turn! What could you do with your snooze time? Feel free to just list one or two productive things you could do with your snooze time, if you can’t come up with 5. ;)

You Snooze, You Lose


I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well going hungry for very long. I get grumpy fast and all I can think about is what I want to eat when I can eat again. I had to fast for an appointment at 11am today. I remember thinking, when I made the appointment, that 11am seemed early enough, but boy was I wrong! I was starving by 11am only to find out that my appointment was running late and wouldn’t be until 11:30am. ARGH! The worst part was that the appointment was a flunk and I’m going to have to do it all over again. So when did I schedule my next appointment? 10am. Muuuuch better!


You thinking what I’m thinking?


By the time it was time to eat finally, I wasn’t sure what to eat. Randomly, hubby and I decided to get pizza take-out.


A salad – jazzed up with pepitas and hemp seeds since we were eating at home.


Glorious pizza! I had 2 slices – one with green pepper and one with just cheese.


I’m really having a tough time picking out a backsplash from the samples we ordered. Part of me wants to make the kitchen look JUST like Giada’s. Part of me wants to do something similar but not exactly the same. And part of me just wants to put something up there so I don’t have to start at jagged wood walls any more from where they ripped out the previous backsplash.

To compare colors, I actually put my tile samples up to the TV with Everyday Italian on. I realize colors actually vary from one TV setting to another, but it still helped. :)

So far, I think I have the back-splashes down to two options: the one on the left looks most like Giada’s kitchen to me, but for some reason, I kind of like the more green-ish one on the right, even though it won’t match my TCL-blue kitchen appliances.

Decisions, decisions.


For a pre-workout snack, I made a simple bowl of plain oats to showcase my star ingredient – more of that local whipped cinnamon honey that we picked up at the farmer’s market.


Wooowwweeee was it gooood! I think this is the best oatmeal topper I’ve ever had…except for maybe a homemade nut butter.


For realz…this stuff is the shiz-nit. Get thee some stat!

Project Get Glam!


I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with my new make-up thanks to Project Get Glam. This is what I wore to Zumba tonight. Some of it may have rubbed off a little because I actually took these photos AFTER class. Whoops!


I put the chunky purple eyeliner on the bottom and the sparkly turquoise eyeliner on top. Both stay in place really well. I like how the jumbo eyeliner looks like an eye shadow but has real sticking power, whereas shadow would have been long gone after a Zumba class.

Both make-up items were Sephora brand. Here’s a link for the chunky eyeliner (a steal at only $6!) and here’s a link for the glitter eyeliner.

Are you playing along with Project Get Glam? What have you been doing to add a little glam in your life? If you’re on twitter – tweet your glamness with hashtag #projectgetglam . ;)

You Snooze, You Lose

Did you guess what the title of this blog would be about? If you said the Time Management Challenge, you’re right!

Have you been doing Activity #1 and monitoring your daily schedule? I’ve noticed a few areas that could use some serious improvement in the time management arena. The first one I’d like to address…


Do you use the snooze button? I have a story behind why I actually like my snooze button. More on that next time, but basically, I’ve noticed that I lose anywhere from 10-45 minutes just hitting the snooze button! I heard somewhere that once your alarm goes off, your REM is disturbed, so snoozing actually doesn’t help you feel more rested. Can anyone confirm?

Either way, when I snooze, I lose 10-45 precious minutes out of my day. That’s like a lunch break I could take to get away from my desk at work. Or maybe 15 minutes I could leave earlier from work! What a time-suck!

So…going forward, I’m going to try to get up as soon as the alarm goes off sans snooze button. This is going to be a tough one kiddos, but I think I can do it. And so can you if you want!

Do you snooze? How long do you usually hit your snooze button before you actually get out of bed?

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