Best. Chocolate. Cupcake. Ever.


Please allow me to introduce you to someone special.


Sure, she may not look like much up front.


I mean, she has gorgeous curves…


But she looks like a regular chocolate cupcake, right?




So wrong. Because hidden in the center of this bad boy is a filling almost cream! And you guys know how I feel about almond-flavored things. I adore them! The almond filling took this chocolate cupcake over the top in both flavor and overall texture. The fluffy cake…the sweet, creamy filling. Aaaaaaamazing!

Now…if I could only figure out where this came from. Hmm…?

*Update: The cupcake is from Viva la Cupcake in Roanoke, VA!* (So close, but so far away! lol)

5 Chic Things – March 27, 2011


Here are five random, but Chic things from this past weekend:

1. My new Crate and Barrel Plate


I kind of want to get one in every color now.


2. My mini Coach bag


I can’t believe I actually squeezed everything I needed for a night on the town in this tiny bag, because it’s basically the size of my iPhone. It was so worth it though – it’s hard to dance when you’re holding a giant bag!

In the bag:

  • iPhone
  • lip gloss
  • business card holder containing: ID, credit card, cash, business cards


3. Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Rolls


Growing up my family always made those yummy refrigerated cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. When I started actually reading food labels a couple years ago, I swore them off, much to hubby’s chagrin. Although these Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls aren’t healthy at all, I like to think of them as a better indulgence than their more processed and preservative-laden “cousin.”


4. Bailey


Bailey is always chic. Here he is watching hubby doing yard work. Good guard-doggy!

IMG_9713.jpg IMG_9721.jpg

5. Homemade mac and cheese


Hubby and I often use Annie’s mac and cheese when we want a quick meal. But this weekend, when I realized we had a bag of open shredded cheddar and elbow macaroni, I decided to see if I could do a relatively quick and easy from-scratch version.


I did a play on dad’s famous mac and cheese recipe and you know what…comfort food win! It was fab. I still prefer dad’s version because of the pulled, gooey cheese factor, but this was great for Sunday’s chilly afternoon.


What’s something chic from your weekend?

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