5 Chic Things – March 27, 2011

Here are five random, but Chic things from this past weekend:

1. My new Crate and Barrel Plate


I kind of want to get one in every color now.


2. My mini Coach bag


I can’t believe I actually squeezed everything I needed for a night on the town in this tiny bag, because it’s basically the size of my iPhone. It was so worth it though – it’s hard to dance when you’re holding a giant bag!

In the bag:

  • iPhone
  • lip gloss
  • business card holder containing: ID, credit card, cash, business cards


3. Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Rolls


Growing up my family always made those yummy refrigerated cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. When I started actually reading food labels a couple years ago, I swore them off, much to hubby’s chagrin. Although these Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls aren’t healthy at all, I like to think of them as a better indulgence than their more processed and preservative-laden “cousin.”


4. Bailey


Bailey is always chic. Here he is watching hubby doing yard work. Good guard-doggy!

IMG_9713.jpg IMG_9721.jpg

5. Homemade mac and cheese


Hubby and I often use Annie’s mac and cheese when we want a quick meal. But this weekend, when I realized we had a bag of open shredded cheddar and elbow macaroni, I decided to see if I could do a relatively quick and easy from-scratch version.


I did a play on dad’s famous mac and cheese recipe and you know what…comfort food win! It was fab. I still prefer dad’s version because of the pulled, gooey cheese factor, but this was great for Sunday’s chilly afternoon.


What’s something chic from your weekend?

26 thoughts on “5 Chic Things – March 27, 2011”

    • They’ll have another coupon. And I think this little mini tote is a classic style for them, so they should have more. I got mine on sale! Woohoo!

    • I probably won’t post this one, but I will post my dad’s Mac and Cheese recipe. I’m having a hard time deciphering it because it had zero measurements. So, I pretty much have to make those up and they’re kind of different every time! lol

      Thanks doll!

  1. I’ll have to try that one next then! Everytime I’ve decided to get it, the store would be out. 🙂 I wish I could come across the crunchy kind. The stores around here don’t have it.


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