Roots Food Truck + Leftover Love


There’s a new food truck in town, and I’m loving it.

The Roots food truck has a great slogan – Good Local Food. And that it is. They feature a small menu with a big list of farms where they source their ingredients. We need more restaurants in town sourcing local ingredients, so I really support what these guys are doing.

(pardon the iPhone photos on this post…I don’t always drag my DSLR around with me lol)


Hubby and I first spied the Roots food truck at the farmer’s market this past weekend where I signed up for the newsletter. The menu popped up in my inbox this morning, and I decided to swing by to check things out.

I already had Chana Masala leftovers from last night waiting in the office fridge, but I wanted more veg, so I decided on the vegetable wrap.


For $5 I got – a wrap “with shaved daikon and red radish, cucumber and creamy herb dressing.”

For $2 I got a side of strawberries.


The wrap was really tasty – lots of crunchy, fresh veg. I’ve often wondered what to do with radish since I rarely eat it and pretty much never buy it at the store, but I really enjoyed it in today’s wrap. This hit the spot.

Thanks for being awesome Roots. I’ll be back…hopefully with friends. ;)

Click here to check out their web site, view sample menus, and see their locations.


For lunch #2 I had leftover Chana Masala and homemade naan from last night’s dinner. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about leftovers. I was actually looking forward to lunch today after dinner last night! I re-heated the naan in the office toaster oven for a better (than microwave cooked) texture. It was almost as good today as it was last night. I loooved it!

Question #1 – What’s your favorite food truck and why?

Question #2 – What types of leftovers do you look forward to?

Indian Food Cooking Win


I don’t know if it was the ghee that I just purchased on a whim or the fact that I’ve slowly become a serious Indian-food-lover, but on Tuesday night, I decided that tonight would be the night I tried my hand at cooking Indian food chez moi. I was a late bloomer when it came to Indian food eating, so I guess it’s only natural that I’d wait awhile to attempt to recreate one of my favorite dishes at home.


I knew I wanted to make Chana Masala (the famous chick pea dish), but I also tossed around the idea of making another fave of mine – Chicken Tikka Masala. However, at the top of my priority list was making the homemade naan I saw on Cooking Channel awhile back. Ultimately, I decided to not bite off more than I could chew so my first Indian-food-cooking experience would be a pleasant one.

And pleasant it was! I had a major Indian Food Cooking WIN! :)

I watched the video for naan before starting. It looked simple enough. And it really was. Mix dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients. Mix the two together…get your hands a little messy…let the dough rest. Form and roll out.


I kicked festivities off by starting on the naan since it needed 1 hour to rise. I figured I could cook the rest of the dinner while the dough rested.


Soon enough, it was time to shape and bake. I love how the shape of naan doesn’t have to be perfect.

By the way here’s the recipe I used to make the naan. I didn’t see any information about baking temperature, so I put my oven on broil and used the bottom third rack. I watched it carefully so as to not let my precious naan burn. I worked too hard to let it burn!


The naan baked quickly and I brushed it with melted butter after removing. I also covered the naan with a kitchen towel to keep it warm.


One of my proudest moments of the evening was seeing real Chana Masala in my own pot in my own kitchen.


My Indian friend gave me a super easy recipe, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Instead of doing Chicken Tikka Masala, I did something faster and simpler – Indian-Spiced Grilled chicken. I have a recipe for this, too!

I also made some white rice and steamed broccoli to complete the meal.


And because my sweet tooth was calling, I whipped up a quick bowl of Indian-Inspired rice pudding with saffron. Nommmmm! I’ll share the recipe for this, as well, if any one is interested.

I was so happy with the successful night of cooking. Another plus? Hubby ended up loving the Chana Masala, which totally surprised me. But, I’m happy about that, because it will make for a delicious and affordable vegetarian dinner for us in the near future. Woohoo!

Reader question: What’s your favorite Indian dish? Have you ever made it at home?

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