Sleepy Puppy & Other Pet Nicknames


As expected after Bailey’s wild (and sometimes gangsta) boat outing, our little guy has been pretty tired this week.

Although Bailey is almost four years old (is he really that old already?!), we still call him “puppy.” Mostly we like to call Bailey nicknames with the word “puppy” in it. Our favorites: “silly puppy”, “stinky puppy”, “puppy face”…the list goes on.

The following photos definitely show you why we often call him “sleepy puppy“. You know when your dog first wakes up after a night of sleeping or a regular ole nap and they’re all groggy and slow-moving. Yup…that’s when we bust out with the old “sleepy puppy”.

See for yourself…


Oh but it gets better…




Yup…”sleepy puppy” at his finest! ;)


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What nicknames do you use for your pets?

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