Sleepy Puppy & Other Pet Nicknames

As expected after Bailey’s wild (and sometimes gangsta) boat outing, our little guy has been pretty tired this week.

Although Bailey is almost four years old (is he really that old already?!), we still call him “puppy.” Mostly we like to call Bailey nicknames with the word “puppy” in it. Our favorites: “silly puppy”, “stinky puppy”, “puppy face”…the list goes on.

The following photos definitely show you why we often call him “sleepy puppy“. You know when your dog first wakes up after a night of sleeping or a regular ole nap and they’re all groggy and slow-moving. Yup…that’s when we bust out with the old “sleepy puppy”.

See for yourself…


Oh but it gets better…




Yup…”sleepy puppy” at his finest! 😉


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What nicknames do you use for your pets?

19 thoughts on “Sleepy Puppy & Other Pet Nicknames”

  1. OMG, so adorable! My dog would do the same thing if I let her. While I’m in the shower, she moves around the bath mat to her liking so she can curl up in it and take a nap. I want her life.

  2. OMG – he is beyond cute! Makes me miss my childhood pet I had a VERY long time ago. I’ve “adopted” my neighbor’s puppy to get my doggie-fix! She greets me every day I come home from work!

    Since my life is not conducive to owning a dog (*sad face*) I have two parrots and my husband thinks I’m crazy because I talk to them in a baby voice. One of them talks and talks back to me in the same voice. It’s hysterical. When I come home, he says “Hi baby!” and when I turn off the light at night he says “Good niiiiiight!”

    I love my parrots but I still wish I could have a dog again. Maybe when I retire??? LOL

    • I love your parrots…they’re so pretty!

      I hope you get a dog soon. You would be a fantastic doggie-mommy. 🙂

      That’s so cute how your neighbor’s dog greets you after work! You get the loving with the clean-up. 😉

  3. Bailey is 4 already?!?!? Where does the time go?

    My pug is 9 and I still call him a puppy (and he acts like one too most of the time). He’s got a bevy of nicknames including Sous Pug, Handsome Pants (I seriously don’t know where that came from), Mr. Mr., Silly Puggy or a variation on his name, Mr. Wiggles (aka Wiggs, Wiggy, etc.). Of course he answers to none unless he feels like it *LOL* preferably with treats. And don’t even think of getting that pug up before 8:30 every morning or he is grouchy as all heck! Dogs – I wish I had their life sometimes.

  4. So cute! I love the pictures of Bailey sleeping like a little person. My dog does that too sometimes. He never puts his head on the pillow, but his head will be right next to it. No matter the age, Max will always be a puppy to me.

    I call him so many different nicknames – Love Muffin, Lovebug, Stink Butt, Maxy Moo…

  5. That’s my dog in a different breed! She sleeps all day, and she whines when she can’t come up and sleep with us on one of our beds at night. Well, she always chooses my bed, but she does that because I am pretty much the only one who lets her sleep on my bed!


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