So, as I mentioned earlier, we had a food-fest this past weekend what with all the snow and the birthday celebrating and what-not.  On Sunday morning…err…afternoon, I made the family some of the Barefoot Contessa cranberry orange scones (click for recipe).


Their printer was broken at my family’s house, so I had to write out the recipe.  I forgot how much I don’t like hand-writing stuff.  I like to hand-write letters and cards, but recipes?  Not so much.  Not unless I were writing them on cute little decorated index cards or something.


Nevertheless, I enjoyed making the scones, hand-written recipe and all.  I did underestimate how long they would take to make, but I was away from the To-Dos of my home, and I had all afternoon to bake away.


I think I always underestimate how long it will take to bake something.  Maybe I’m just slow when it comes to baking…I did just start getting into it a couple years ago.  It just seems like it shouldn’t take as long as it does to bake.  Maybe I should do a better job of gathering all the necessary ingrediants and tools?


Whatever the case, the result is always worth the effort.  Hmm…should have made more icing, no?


I’ve actually made these before, but last time they were a bit on the drier side.  Now, either last time I made them wrong, or this time I made them wrong.  Orrrrr…the recipe could have been wrong?  I have seen errors before on recipes, that’s why I always check the reviews – they usually have good feedback there and point out errors.  Anywho, the one I used this past weekend turned out pretty good, so if you have a free morning or afternoon, try these scones out.  They are delish!