Mom’s B-day: Knit Scarf

I know I mentioned I like to juggle projects before, but look, I finished something!  What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, just scroll down to the next photo…seriously! 🙂


I got this gorgeous, super chunky, 100% pure new wool in a cream/gray/black colorway from a grab bag in a local yarn shop.  I purchased two balls of this yarn, originally marked right around $16 per ball, for a mere $10.  Oh yea!  The yarn was almost a boucle-style yarn, and it knit up pretty well.  I just did a simple seed stitch since the yarn was so chunky, and you could hardly see the stitches.


I was running a bit late on the project and actually had to finish it up while my mom was around, but she didn’t care (at least she said she didn’t).  Maybe she enjoyed seeing the process?  Who knows?  I think it looks pretty good, and it’s definitely going to help keep her warm!  This "new wool" is serious stuff!

Hope you like it, mom!

1 thought on “Mom’s B-day: Knit Scarf”

  1. I like reading your blogs coz the things you're doing now I wish I've done when I was younger. I'm sure your mother is proud of your accomplishments. I would be, if you were my daughter.


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