Playing the Field

I must say that I’ve been curious about Typepad for quite some time now.  It seems that nearly all the craft blogs I love are on Typepad, while I’ve been on Blogger since September of 2006.  Wow – what a long time…it seems like I was just entering my first post on Blogger and now that a year and a half have flown by, I’m entering my first post on Typepad.  I’m currently running the 14 day trial to see how this baby works, to see if I should make the switch or if I should just stick with my Blogger account.  While most of you will think I’m crazy or maybe just bizarre, I can’t help but get this feeling like I’m playing the field – like I’m cheating on my Blogger account…lol.  I get really stuck to things sometimes, but while I’m sad about leaving my Blogger account and all my year and a half of archived posts, I’m excited about the possibility of starting a new blog with a new template and new features.  I’m crossing my fingers in hopes of making the right decision, so we’ll see.  Till then!

For anyone who wants to see my older posts, please visit my Blogger blog at

2 thoughts on “Playing the Field”

  1. Hey Diana,
    I love this little blog, it looks fantastic. The pictures on flickr are amazing and I seem to notice a theme of robins egg blue, ha ha. Love the pic of wee Bailey, lots of kisses to him. Great job.



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