Crochet-Me-Calm & Some Changes

One of the things I really like about making things by hand, is that it really forces you to take your time and do things with care.  I feel like I've lost myself a bit over the last couple years – lost organization – lost focus.  I feel like I've spread myself so thin that I flail about and can't commit the time to everything I want to do, to do it all well.  Sometimes, it seems like crochet is the only thing I can take my time with.  I don't mean to complain – I'm sure you understand exactly where I'm coming from.  It seems like everyone is so busy these days – we are all in the same boat.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have some plans in the works to switch this blog up a little.  Don't worry – I don't plan on making any huge changes, but rather, I'd like to add to what I've got going here.  Let me explain some more…


I don't know if you get Real Simple, but I started a subscription with RS earlier this year, and I love it!  RS has such good content and so many thought-provoking articles.  I feel like they offer lots of good tips to help people stay grounded.  In the November 2008 issue, they featured a story about gratitude – why it's good to be grateful and what other people are grateful for.  They featured excerpts from the journals of four readers who wrote for a month about gratitude, which were all quite inspirational.  I especially connected with Diana Geffner-Ventura's story.  Diana said, "I feel like I'm not giving 100 percent to my business or my family," and her goal for her journal was to "regain equilibrium and feel inspired again."  Wow, I'm right there with ya girlie!  Her story made me think that perhaps I should use my blog to help with my quest for balance.  So, that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to attempt to add a bit more content here and there related to regaining and maintaining balance.  I think this will be a fun experiment…wish me luck!  Oh, and in case you were curious about the RS Gratitude story, I found a piece of it online here (click).


Back to the crochet – I know you must think I put Bailey in all these couch-shots, but he is really just such a cuddler.  When I get on the couch, he jumps up and lays down on my lap or right next to me.  He likes to lay between me and the cushions when I'm crocheting.  He'll even step over or even knock over books if they're "in his way."  lol.  The square pictured above is from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match.  I'm using the "Willow" square pattern and the new Red Heart Designer Sport yarn (with colors by Candi Jensen).  I'm hoping to make enough of these to make an afghan for a friend for Christmas.  I thought I started early on this project, but now it seems like Christmas is right around the corner…sheesh!  Where does the time go?  Anywho, before I freak out and try rushing through this project, I'm going to take a breath and take my time.  Like I said, that's the good thing about crochet – you simply can't rush through it (at least I can't).  I will carefully work my stitches, one at a time and work on enjoying doing things slowly.  Ahh…I feel a little more relaxed just thinking about it.  Ok, enough talking, I'm off to crochet!

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  1. What a nice, thought-provoking post. I feel the same way too. Christmas IS suddenly looming, but I really want to enjoy the process this year. Hopefully it won't be needed, but if I have to want to give in-progress gifts so that I don't have to rush through the making of them. There's always January for tying up loose ends!

  2. Was just doing a general self- maintenance check on line and came across your comments regarding the RS Gratitude issue. So glad it struck a chord with you…Working on getting my blog together now (aren't we all…) and hope to share some more to inspire us all – if not myself alone! Keep up the quest!
    – Diana Geffner-Ventura

  3. So I just purchased the same crocheting book and am trying the same willow pattern- I can't get the middle part (the foundation ring + first few rows) to lay flat! I think it might have something to do with the size of my crochet hook…what size do you use? Any tips? I love that pattern!


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