Morphing Polenta

Polenta Day #1


I decided to try a polenta dish that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile for dinner the other night.


I made Giada’s Polenta with Arugula.


I cut back on the butter and used skim milk instead of the cream requested, which I think made the consistency a tad off, but it still tasted good.


I served the polenta with steamed broccoli and TJ’s battered halibut and tartar sauce.


I was really impressed with the TJ’s halibut from the frozen food section. Pretty good stuff for frozen food.


Hubby and I split a Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale .

I took the leftover polenta and spread it out till flat in a square-ish tupperware for later.

Polenta Day #2


I wanted to make shrimp for dinner last night, but got to the grocery store late after Zumba (and chit-chatting with girlfriends) and after the seafood counter was all put up. I decided to try out these adorable Crab Cake Minis by Phillips .


They were mini, indeed! Here are my fingers for comparison.


For veggies, I tried the Neely’s roasted broccoli with cherry tomatoes dish, which didn’t turn out so hot. That’s what I get for trying to multitask and take a shower while my food cooks.


The crab cakes were a cinch to cook up.

As for sides, I wondered, “Hmm…what do I do with this leftover polenta?” I quickly decided to morph the leftover polenta into something equally tasty but with a totally different texture.


For the leftover polenta…I cut it up into chunks and baked it along with the broccoli and tomatoes.


I drizzled the polenta pieces with olive oil and tossed to coat.


All together now.


Slightly charred broccoli and cherry tomatoes – I’ll have to give this another go, but pay closer attention next time.


The crab cakes may have been mini but they were filling, so I only ate 3 1/2 cakes. I thought they were really good for frozen food, too. Nice texture.


The polenta leftovers baked up quite nicely – I loved the finished texture. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

What do you do with leftover polenta?

5 thoughts on “Morphing Polenta”

  1. Hi there! I like to form the polenta into rounds and bake them with a little Parmesan or shredded cheese sprinkled on top. Not the healthiest option, but they sure taste good.

  2. I was happy to see a post on polenta because I thought not many people know about this. My ancestors were from Northern Italy so polenta is a dish I am quite familiar with. When my mom was alive she would cook the polenta to a creamy consistency and then serve it with this kind of Italian cooked salami and marinara sauce on top of the polenta.

    As a child we ate leftover polenta fried on the stove top or as a side dish. I like your idea of mixing in arugula with it. I just both some instant polenta and I'm going to try that.

  3. I love baked polenta. I usually just chop it into triangles or circles, bake it, and top it with a little marinara sauce and an egg, really good and cheap! Nice bokeh on the pale ale picture (I'm trying to learn camera terms hopefully I used it right) 🙂


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