Zumba and the Sports Bra

When I used to train in ice skating, every once in awhile, I’d wear my black workout leggings and just a sports bra. I loved the feeling of the wind on my stomach as I skated around the rink. I felt so FREE!

I haven’t gone sports-bra only anywhere in a long time, but since my weight loss, I’ve decided to give sports bras another try.

At first, I was worried people in the class would wonder why I was going sports-bra only. I wondered if they’d think “Who does she think she is?” or if they’d think I looked terrible, but at some point, I decided I didn’t care!



At some point, I decided that I should do whatever made me happy because life is too short to try to please every one else around you. If that thing is wearing sports bras and zumba pants, then who cares if any one thinks I look terrible as long as I feel comfortable and happy? Right? Right!

6 thoughts on “Zumba and the Sports Bra”

  1. Ah I loved this!!! YES we must always do what makes us happy 🙂 You look like you are having such a fab time!!! I found a Zumba place near here I want to try.

  2. Big kudos to you for not caring what the world thinks and just do what makes you happy!

    (but I am sure everyone else is just wishing for your abs and shoulders!) HA

    Zumba class looks like KILLER FUN!!!


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