My Happy News + a Delicioso Cupcake

I promised good news today and I aim to deliver!

Thanks to everyone for their guesses…we had some close ones, but two people guessed right! Kristin (ChasRunner) guessed correctly first via twitter, and then Lola guessed correctly via TCL. Nice work ladies!


For those who haven’t figured it out, hubby and I think we’ve FIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY found a HOUSE! I saw “finally” like that because for those of you who have been reading TCL for awhile or those I know personally, you probably know that we’ve been house-hunting for roughly 4 years now. Yes, 4 frustrating and excruciatingly long years.

When I started The Chic Life, I wanted to blog to be well-rounded and encompass many things, one of which was supposed to be about home and decorating. Well, as you can imagine, it’s a bit hard to blog about house + home when 1. you don’t have a house and 2. you’re trying to not buy anything new (furniture/decor-wise) until you get a house.

I know there are blogs dedicated to successfully decorating apartments and they rock, but hubby and I (mostly hubby) didn’t want to invest in new stuff till we had a more permanent home.


Well, hubby and I are finallyunder contract” on a house. We’re already scoping out home/decoration magazines, we shop Lowes + Home Depot for fun, and we’ve been watching HGTV/TLC/DIY/Fine Living like CRAZY!!!

We won’t close on the house for a few more weeks, so it’s not ours yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m just hoping things go smoothly from here.


So, while I’m bummed about missing zumba for a few weeks, not going to NYC, and my fashion blog (which is starting to come around)…I’m super excited about all the wonderful possibilities that I see with this new house.


Check out this yummy cupcake hubby picked up for me today. I’ve been craving one of these for weeks and sweet-sweet hubby was thoughtful enough to pick one up for me while I was at work today. Aww…

Anywho, this cupcake is calling my name from the kitchen, so I’m off to enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Who’s ready for some Farmer’s Market trips??!!

12 thoughts on “My Happy News + a Delicioso Cupcake”

  1. congrats on the house! decorating should be tons of fun! stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and i love how you blog about different topics! and that cupcake looks yummy. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You'll shortly enter "nesting overdrive" mode. Be warned – it's crazy expensive. LOL.

    I'm in the middle of a dozen remodelling projects and all I can think about is the stuff that I still want to change!

    Anyways,can't wait to see the "home/decorating" additions to your blog.


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