House Update #3 – First Home-Cooked Meal

*Just realized that the following was supposed to post last night and did not…oops!*

I spent another busy day in and around the house and got lots of good stuff done:

  • Cleaned the master bathroom top to bottom
  • Did a load of laundry
  • Washed our throws
  • Ran a couple loads of plates/dishes (they’re pretty much all dirty since we used those free *read dirty* boxes)
  • Emptied a few boxes of stuff (emptying boxes makes me feel productive)
  • Got groceries


We had another breakfast out – Hubby picked up Starbucks. I got a pumpkin spice latte...




…and a spinach feta wrap. I’m starting to become pretty impressed with the breakfast options at Starbucks. Where else can you get oatmeal and a latte as easily as Starbucks? Not to mention, they have such yummy sandwich treats. My fave is pretty healthy too, made with egg whites and a whole wheat tortilla.

The breakfast fueled me up for a long cleaning session in the master bathroom, as well as a couple other housework tasks.


Hubby and I swung by Earthfare for some…yay, finally…REAL FOOD!

We got:

  • organic bananas
  • organic whole wheat and regular spaghetti
  • local grass-fed ground beef
  • 3 cans of pumpkin
  • parmigiano reggiano cheese (gonna have a pasta week!)
  • or organic pomegranate
  • coconut water
  • 2 jars of Earthfare pasta sauce
  • chicken salad
  • raw greens salad
  • mixed salad (for dinner)
  • Earthfare cookie (made with local eggs!)

After grocery shopping, hubby and I escaped to a local bar where we noshed on some nachos. We had to sit in an outdoor area that was covered with fabric and had heaters but was just too cold for me to last long. I left hubby at the bar and went home to do some more stuff around the house before picking him up shortly later.

Then, it was time for our first HOME COOKED MEAL! With only half our pots and pans clean, I decided to keep things simple with spaghetti.




I used a mix of whole wheat and normal pasta. I like the health factor of whole wheat pasta but the taste/bite of regular pasta, too, so a mix seemed like the easiest way to get the best of both worlds.


I also used local grass fed ground beef.


Organic Roasted Garlic pasta sauce.


Sipping on Trentadue wine amid the chaos of boxes and what-not.



I got my sauce going and simmering and while my pasta cooked, I downed my Earthfare salad. Once home, I added some pepitas and my own salad dressing before chowing down.





Round #1 – soooo good! So nice to be able to cook and eat at home finally. We still have a lot of work to do before the kitchen is completely ready, but any cook-ability works for me.


Round #2…mmm! Topped with lots of fresh parm!



Dessert #1 – fresh apple, spilt with hubby


Dessert #2 – a mini Snickers with almonds

Dessert #3 – half my ginger molasses cookie…the whole wheat chocolate chip is still my fave, but this is great for the season.

What was the first home-cooked meal you made when you last moved?

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