Familiar Floors

I have had the best day checking my iPhone and smiling at gmail updates with all the wonderful bloggers and friends who have emailed and commented in their desire to participate in the Online Bake Sale for Haiti. Thank you so much for your support! I know with wonderful people like you we’re going to have an awesome bake sale! For those who can’t seem to find my email, it’s thechiclife at gmail dot com. I’ll be updating the bake sale page just after wrapping up this post to add all the fabulous bakers and insert my email address a couple more places. The post has a lot of information, so I’m sure it’s easy to lose my email in the mix.

On to today…


My parents still own the house I grew up in as a rental property. I refuse to let them sell it because I think it’s more valuable kept in our family, even though it’s not the easiest to maintain most of the time. Their renters moved out recently so my family has been spending some time over at our old house fixing things up.

I think growing up in this house is the reason I have a love of older-cottage-bungalow-style homes. They remind me of this one!

I love the hardwoods, the framing, the large windows, the built-in bookcases…ahh…


Here’s my old bedroom!


We had a super late lunch that turned into an early dinner. Whoops!


Burgers – some with cheese.






Lettuce and tomato (so vibrant red!).


I gave my mom her present before dinner.


Square Foot Gardening! Yup, just like the copy I have. My parents have almost always had gardens throughout the various homes we’ve lived in (we’ve moved a lot), but I really think this style may bit them the best.





I had something special planned for dessert…I think it’s best captured in a separate post…

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  1. I love that book! I helped build a garden last summer for my grandparents and we used the square foot method. The turnout was really amazing for such a small space! Tell your mom its definitely worth starting one.


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