Grandpa Cardigan {Outfit}

So, I think grandpa cardigans have been “out” for at least a few years now, but I don’t care…I’ve been wearing mine to work a lot lately. I like how the longer cut covers my rear and how the longer sleeves can be pulled over my hands for a more cozy feel. I also enjoy it on a rainy day like the one we had today. In fact, I got a little rained on whilst scoping out a shoot location, so please excuse the raindrops on the back of my cardigan.

This Gap tee is proving to be a current favorite. I like the cut and material, but the color has been one of my favorite features. I love doing tone variations where one color is a lighter version of the other. So, I’ve been wearing this tee a lot lately since I enjoy the way the light pink color of the top plays with my hot pink purse.





  • Jeans: Guess (old)
  • t-shirt: Gap
  • peep-toe flats: J. Crew (old)
  • grandpa cardigan: Gap (old)
  • purse: Kate Spade


In recent eats, I was craving comfort food after flying back from Pittsburgh, so I whipped up my mom’s beef stroganoff (click for recipe) for an easy dinner earlier this week.

Reader question: What item of clothing has been your go-to this season? Mine seems to be the t-shirt…specifically, the one in this post! But, I’m really enjoying wearing t-shirts, in general. What about you?

5 thoughts on “Grandpa Cardigan {Outfit}”

  1. I love this outfit! I wouldn’t usually think of a long cardigan like this but you’ve styled it really well. Nice shoes too 🙂

    My go-to has been a black vest top with a pretty trimming around the top. It’s too cool to wear it alone & it’s also been a real wet summer here so far, so I can pull on my leather jacket over the top and not overheat.

  2. I love that cardigan! Do you shoot these yourself? They’re pretty awesome and natural looking. These photos make me realize I have no style 😉 I’m kind of hopeless, I usually thumb through the fashion spreads toward the back of magazines…but your post makes me hopeful. Where do you get your inspiration? I’ve got a habitual tendency to just pull a button down top (or sometimes a dressy-ish tank and black cardigan) and dress pants out of my closet every day…sometimes I think a skinny belt on the shirt might be different, but I’m afraid!
    My husband and I are starting to pack since we are in the process of buying a condo, so I’m trying to weed out my wardrobe a bit. I’m definitely going to need some new staples and a couple fun pieces once my shopping diet ends in a couple months. Let me know if you can provide any insight!

    • Hey Lauren! Thanks for the sweet comment! I do shoot the photos myself using a tripod and wireless remote shutter release. I look for inspiration from other blogs, magazines, and even clothing catalogs. I try to look at the shapes and materials and pay attention to what I think works and doesn’t work. Cardigans are definitely a staple for me. My go-to look is often done with a cardigan – they’re just so great for layering. I also think they’re more comfortable than blazers.

      For shopping for staple items, I like to pick out a few items when I’m reading blogs or scanning magazines. I look for things that I think will update my wardrobe but also go with other things I already have so I don’t have to buy more clothes to wear said new item. I think keeping a list helps you stay on track. I also try to pay attention to what I feel is missing when I’m trying to get ready in the morning. Like when you think, “Gosh, I really wish I had some flats to wear with these pants”.

      HTH, and let me know if you have more questions or have any outfit requests. 🙂


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