Slow Mornings Are the Real Flex

So I was talking to my friend M the other morning about how we LOVE our slow-paced and relaxed mornings. It’s so interesting to me that in a world that is currently glorifying the 5am morning routine that we both prefer to sleep in and take our time getting our days started.

Slow mornings are the real flex
Who else is DONE with rushing around in the morning and ready to start the day in peace, moving with intention, and feeling good?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the whole 5am / early riser thing is great for some people. Heck, I know some of those people, and they LOVE their early mornings. And I love that those early starts work so well for them.

I’m fully supportive of the early morning conceptually. It’s just not *aligned* for me right now.

Though technically, it’s not really about the *early start*.

I suppose time of wake-up alarm is WAY less important than what you do after you break your sleep for the day.

So maybe we’re talking more about the whole “my 5-9 before my 9-to-5” kinda thing. The idea of getting up early to crank out a bunch of productivity before your day job starts.

(Though I could kinda see myself rocking that maybe one day. Just not these days. Haha.)

Maybe when you’ve pushed yourself too hard for too long you need a bit of a reset first?

I think what it comes down to is: what works best for you in terms of managing your morning depends on where you’re at in life.

M and I have both worked for YEARS in banking. And while I don’t want to speak for M, I can safely say that waking up early AF, putting on uncomfortable business attire, and commuting to work for YEARS definitely drained me. And I’d say it added to my severe burnout and even my work trauma.

When I think of that constant *rushing around* feeling, it makes my chest feel tight. Yuck!

And probably because of that past experience (and how I’m still healing from burnout), I’m SO grateful that these days I get to sleep in a bit longer, wear my comfy clothes, and take my time in the mornings sipping my coffee and doing my morning routine where I may have previously spent the time straightening my hair and driving through (waiting in) rush hour traffic.

Perhaps I just haven’t quite gotten over (healed from) the whole *years* of “morning rush” thing enough yet to be ready to start early and execute a “5 to 9” or even “7-9” before my 9-to-5…yet! Though I think that could end up becoming a lovely future goal.

(Though even if I do become a morning person, I think I’ll still have an element of “slow productivity” going because that whole “rush energy” is not the vibe. I definitely think you can be productive in a more healthy pace that is more intentional).

These days I’m listening to my body, mind, and soul and checking in on what I need now.

Currently, I’m focused on prioritizing:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Removing the pressure of rushing around all the time
  • Managing my stress
  • Making space for peace
  • Starting my day on a positive note
  • Continuing to heal from burn out

And finding other pockets of time outside of my 9-to-5 to work on The Chic Life.

For now, slow mornings are the real flex for me.

Slow mornings are the real flex

The overwhelmed version of me several years ago would be so proud.


I’d love to hear what works best for you in the morning. Comment below or shoot me an email. Do you like slow mornings too? If you’re a morning person, I’d love to hear from you too. Maybe I’ll be come one too one day?!

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