Manifestation Challenge


Are You a Manifestation Beginner and/or LoA Enthusiasts…

Does this sound like you?

>> You’ve heard about manifestation / Law of Attraction, and you want to do it, but you don’t know where to start.

>> You’ve dabbled with manifestation, but you still have so many questions.

>> You feel like there’s just too much manifestation information – what do you really need to know?

>> You love manifesting, and the idea of manifesting with with like-minded, high vibe peeps sounds so FUN!

>> You know a lot about manifestation, but you’re always up for a refresher or to learn something new!

>> And you’re just a manifestation fan and take every opportunity to get into the energy of successful manifestation

Then this challenge is for you!

Your Challenge Host

Me - just moved to my dream city - ready to start a new life adventure. Btw, I manifested this! #manifestation #lawofattraction #successstory
When my life got turned upside down, instead of falling apart, I stepped into my power and manifested moving to my dream city. Now, I teach others how to manifest their dreams!

Hi, I’m Diana! I’ve dabbled with high vibes, manifestation, and Law of Attraction for many years, but I really stepped into the flow of manifesting my desires when my life was turned upside down a couple years ago. Instead of falling apart, I stepped into my power and manifested:

  • Love
  • Money
  • A luxury apartment
  • Moving to my dream city
  • The exact job I wanted
  • And daily treats, like free coffee and parking spaces in busy lots

And I want to help YOU manifest your dreams and desires!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I LOVE hosting online challenges! I’ve been doing them for over 10 years now. And I’m so thrilled to be offering my first ever Manifestation Challenge! And this is your invitation to join and be one of the founding challenge members! Did I mention it’s free?

What You Get with the Challenge

Here’s what you get when you join the challenge:

  • 5 daily manifestation challenges
  • Live video manifestation trainings by me
  • Bonus vision board party
  • Access to our private Facebook community
  • The opportunity to have a hot seat coaching session with me
  • Shifting into the energy of successful manifesting
  • And more!

Manifestation is all about getting into the right energy and getting your mindset aligned for receiving abundance. You’ll get all this plus my personal guidance! Join today!

What People Say About The Chic Life Challenges

Here’s what past challenge participants would say to anyone considering doing a TCL challenge:

DO IT!!!!! ~Cindy

Go for it! I would be the last person someone would expect to get so into a challenge of this sort, but I’m so glad I did. The funny part is I still don’t know how I found out about this challenge. I think it may have been a Facebook ad or somehow I clicked into something related and found it. Whatever the reason, I am so happy I found the challenge. ~Nicole

Diana’s challenges are always thoughtfully organized, engaging, and incredibly beneficial. If you are looking to learn ways to cultivate a happier and healthier mindset, you can’t go wrong with a TCL challenge! ~Ellen

Join the FREE 5 Day Manifestation Challenge

You don’t want to miss this challenge!

>> Doors close on Friday, May 1, 2020.

>> Everyone who has successfully confirmed their sign-up in time will be invited to a kick off Vision Board Party on Sunday, May 3, 2020!

>> The 5 day challenge begins Monday, May 4, 2020!

Join The Chic Life FREE Manifestation Challenge! #manifestation #lawofattraction #lawofvibration #raiseyourvibe #universe #loa #manifest

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UPDATE: Sign-ups are now closed for this challenge! Thank you for your interest. Subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media so you find out when I host the next challenge.

You can sign up for my FREE training on How to Overcome Your Manifestation Blocks here!

Join my FREE Manifestation Challenge for beginners and manifestation enthusiasts. As a Mindset and Manifestation Coach, I LOVE teaching others how to successfully manifest their dreams. Join the challenge and learn how YOU can! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #goodvibes #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse #mindset #LawOfVibration #successhabits

Can’t wait to share my secrets with you!