More House Shopping

Hubby and I have done a little house shopping:



A week or so ago, we hit up Pottery Barn with a “move in” 10% off coupon. We got some curtains…(but no RODS so we couldn’t put them up…grr)


A beautiful duvet cover and pillow case (second pillow case on backorder, but how fab would those colorblock pillows in the background be all monogrammed up?!) in Painterly Paisley. Hubby and I have had the hardest time finding a good turquoise comforter/duvet set we liked. This was the best of the bunch so we pounced on it!


We also got an ornament to represent the first year for our house – 2009! The middle part spins around. It’s a lovely ornamnent.


Hubby and I picked up a new down comforter in medium weight. We got mega discounts at Macy’s thanks to some coupons.


We picked up a couple hand towels from the Martha Stewart collection. We’re surprisingly short on bathroom towels so we put them on our Christmas wish list, but we need some NOW!

I also drooled over the Martha Stewart blue collection of kitchen gadgets – hand mixer, food processor, and blender. They are soooo GORGE! I WANT I WANT I WANT! But alas…I will wait.

After our Macy’s trip, we hit up Tar-zhay or Tar-jhay (Target).


Window cleaner – LOVE this brand!


We also got this mini rug at a STEAL. Originally $29.99 – our price – $7.99. Score! I think it’s super pretty but the price is just icing on the cake.

We’re having to buy TONS of these little rugs – one for each door. Who knew!? It’s great to find a good deal because these little babies add up fast!

Lots more shopping to do, but we’re getting there!

Christmas Tree Shopping

Hubby and I set out late morning to get our Christmas tree.


I’ve wanted to establish a traditional weekend for getting our Christmas tree, and since we’re always out of town Thanksgiving weekend and I don’t like to get into Christmas before Thanksgiving, the weekend after is our first opportunity. That would be this weekend!



I decided we should hit up the tree tent where our local farmers market is held. The farmers, Horse Creek Tree farms, use less pesticides than many other tree farmers, which I appreciate.


Hey Frosty!


We had a fun time tree shopping, but boy was it cold outside!


The funny thing about Christmas tree shopping is that the more you shop, the more all the trees start looking the same!

I wanted to get a 6 foot tree, but hubby suggested we go 5-6′ this year and up next year. I accepted his proposal and we found a great tree in no time!


They trimmed the lower branches for us…


…and pushed the tree through some netting, which made it waaay easier for us to fit our tree in our car. We actually got it in the back seat! (with the very tip top sticking out the window just a wee bit.


We got our tree setup in our stand (with some cardboard to protect our hardwoods) but I had to wait all day to decorating! Boo!

Before Christmas tree decorating, I had lots of to-dos:

  • 2 loads of laundry
  • organizing in my changing room
  • putting up/folding clothes
  • emptying boxes
  • lunch
  • house shopping
  • dinner


Have you gotten your tree yet (if you celebrate Christmas)? Have you put up any decorations yet?

Breakfast in Bed + Upcoming Challenges

Hubby woke me up this morning with a lovely surprise:


Breakfast in bed!

He put everything on a baking sheet since our tray is packed away somewhere. Very inventive!


Scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach along with oven-broiled Great Harvest honey whole wheat toast. Yum!


Gingerbread Coffee!

Lots on the agenda today:

  • Clean house
  • Organize house
  • Unpack in house
  • Get Christmas tree! (think we’re gonna make the weekend after Thanksgiving our official tree-getting weekend)
  • Shop for house

Man…is everything revolving around the HOUSE or what?!

A head’s up on a couple challenges I’m going to host in the upcoming weeks:

Holiday Food Challenge (December)

  • Just like the Thanksgiving Food Challenge but for the December holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc)
  • Make over a holiday dish for your family dinner, work potluck, etc.
  • Change one ingredient or make over the whole dish!

Eat In Month Challenge (January)

  • I’m going to attempt to eat in for every meal for the entire month of January
  • I’m hoping to have prizes to give out for anyone who wants to join in on the fun
  • It will be a great way to save money after all the holiday spending
  • It will be a great way to eat in and healthier after indulging over the holidays
  • It will be a really tough but awesome challenge!

What are you doing today?

Holiday Movie Marathon

Today, hubby and I headed over to hang out at Kate and Nate’s house, along with Caitlin, Jason, Amanda, Justin, Kath, Matt, Michelle, and Ben, for a Holiday Movie Marathon.


I don’t remember the whole schedule, but starting from when we got there, we had on the agenda:

  1. Elf
  2. Christmas Vacation
  3. Love Actually


I was so busy with the CPR/AED/First Aid certification, grocery shopping, and cookie baking, I forgot to eat lunch. Doh! So I had a bunch of snacks at the party for a late “lunch”.

The Eats

IMG_6697.jpg IMG_6698.jpg


Chex Mix, Pita Chips, Mini Quiches

The Sweets


Ooey-Gooey-Butter Cookies (or something like that…what were they called Kate!? lol)


My Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies (thanks Great Harvest!)


Peanut Butter Chocolate cups.


Drinky-drink – red wine


Oh how much did I LOVE the cozy fire?!




I got cozy on the couch with my plate full of food: pita chips + hummus, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, mini quiche, pig in a blanket.


Round #2


Dessert round

I think these desserts deserve some close-ups!




Oh yea!


I enjoyed my eats with Elf! Hubby and I saw Elf for our first date, so the movie holds a special place in our hearts.

After Elf, we turned on Christmas Vacation.

Later on…


Pizza time!

While the pizzas cooked away, I let my friends test out my macro lens




I think they took some great photos! Perhaps they will get lucky and Santa will bring them a macro lens for Christmas! ;)










Time to eat!


I had plenty of salad and 2 small pieces of pizza – one of each flavor (Margharita and cheese).

I also had another one of those butter cookies. They were so good – like little pillows of deliciousness!


I also enjoyed a little Hot Apple Cider with dinner. Yum! Such a great festive drink!


Love Actually!


Gilbert made a guest appearance!


I totally want some of these cinnamon-scented pine cones for my house! They smell awesome and are pretty, too! Kate said she found them at Target if anyone is interested.


Ahh…so cozy!


A little Prosecco to end the night.

Check out Kath’s recap here.

Thank you soooo much Kate and Nate for having us over! We had a great time and are hoping to see another movie marathon next year, if not sooner!

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