Christmas Tree Shopping

Hubby and I set out late morning to get our Christmas tree.


I’ve wanted to establish a traditional weekend for getting our Christmas tree, and since we’re always out of town Thanksgiving weekend and I don’t like to get into Christmas before Thanksgiving, the weekend after is our first opportunity. That would be this weekend!



I decided we should hit up the tree tent where our local farmers market is held. The farmers, Horse Creek Tree farms, use less pesticides than many other tree farmers, which I appreciate.


Hey Frosty!


We had a fun time tree shopping, but boy was it cold outside!


The funny thing about Christmas tree shopping is that the more you shop, the more all the trees start looking the same!

I wanted to get a 6 foot tree, but hubby suggested we go 5-6′ this year and up next year. I accepted his proposal and we found a great tree in no time!


They trimmed the lower branches for us…


…and pushed the tree through some netting, which made it waaay easier for us to fit our tree in our car. We actually got it in the back seat! (with the very tip top sticking out the window just a wee bit.


We got our tree setup in our stand (with some cardboard to protect our hardwoods) but I had to wait all day to decorating! Boo!

Before Christmas tree decorating, I had lots of to-dos:

  • 2 loads of laundry
  • organizing in my changing room
  • putting up/folding clothes
  • emptying boxes
  • lunch
  • house shopping
  • dinner


Have you gotten your tree yet (if you celebrate Christmas)? Have you put up any decorations yet?

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