Galette Des Rois

When I did my two exchanges to France in high school, both times I went in January. In January, it’s quite common to enjoy a Galette des Rois – at least a couple…or more, if you like. At least we ate a TON with the family I stayed with (perfect for my sweet tooth)!

Though it’s a bit late in January, I knew that I wanted to celebrate a Galette des Rois whilst visiting my family and decided tonight seemed like the best night to break it out.

I found this recipe online at All Recipes (click). I’ve used a couple others, but this is one of the best and easiest I’ve seen – try it out if you’d like – it’s a good one.


The key ingredient in the galette is almond paste…be still my heart! This stuff smells and tastes amazing.


The other key ingredient is obviously the puff pastry.



Roll the puff pastry, cut to size in a circle, add filling.

IMG_8806 IMG_8809

Add a dried bean. The person who gets the bean is the “king”!


Top with second piece of puff pastry, press seams, brush with egg wash.




Pierce top





Top with confectioner’s sugar.



Bake a wee bit more till the top is golden brown.








Serve…and maybe work on some photography homework:


Closed aperture.


Wide aperture.


Closed aperture.


Wide aperture.


If you can’t tell by the numerous photos…I simply ADORE this cake! I have so many fond memories of my time spent in France with my wonderful French families. Enjoying this cake is like taking a slice out of history and reliving it for just a moment.


I had my cake with a little milk (hubby helped me finish this giant mug)


Nom nom nom


Slice #2 – enjoyed whilst getting cozy on the couch.

IMG_8926 IMG_8915

I could have stopped after the first slice, but it’s not every day you have a homemade Galette des Rois in the house, so I decided to just enjoy it.

Everyone in my fam loved it but no one got the bean! Guess someone noshing on one of the remaining 3 slices will be the king tomorrow!


Since we skipped right over lunch (or did we skip dinner?), I decided to have a snack later in the evening. I tried Kefir for the first time since my dad was cracking open the one they had in the fridge. I’ve always been afraid to try this stuff because I thought it may taste weird. It tastes like a drinkable yogurt. It was actually quite nice. I’d definitely buy this now that I know it’s yummy.


I also dug into leftovers from breakfast – a healthy blueberry muffin and some mini broccoli/parm frittatas.

Have you heard about the online bake sale for Haiti? If not, click here to check it out. We’re still looking for bakers…and of course, bidders soon! Details on the post! :)

Familiar Floors

I have had the best day checking my iPhone and smiling at gmail updates with all the wonderful bloggers and friends who have emailed and commented in their desire to participate in the Online Bake Sale for Haiti. Thank you so much for your support! I know with wonderful people like you we’re going to have an awesome bake sale! For those who can’t seem to find my email, it’s thechiclife at gmail dot com. I’ll be updating the bake sale page just after wrapping up this post to add all the fabulous bakers and insert my email address a couple more places. The post has a lot of information, so I’m sure it’s easy to lose my email in the mix.

On to today…


My parents still own the house I grew up in as a rental property. I refuse to let them sell it because I think it’s more valuable kept in our family, even though it’s not the easiest to maintain most of the time. Their renters moved out recently so my family has been spending some time over at our old house fixing things up.

I think growing up in this house is the reason I have a love of older-cottage-bungalow-style homes. They remind me of this one!

I love the hardwoods, the framing, the large windows, the built-in bookcases…ahh…


Here’s my old bedroom!


We had a super late lunch that turned into an early dinner. Whoops!


Burgers – some with cheese.






Lettuce and tomato (so vibrant red!).


I gave my mom her present before dinner.


Square Foot Gardening! Yup, just like the copy I have. My parents have almost always had gardens throughout the various homes we’ve lived in (we’ve moved a lot), but I really think this style may bit them the best.





I had something special planned for dessert…I think it’s best captured in a separate post…

Online Bake Sale for Haiti

Ready to bid? Click on this graphic:

Along with most of the country, and I’m sure many of you, I’ve been haunted by the images and videos coming from the tragedy in Haiti. Today, I watched a video of a little 11 year old girl who was pinned down in some rubble for two days. I’d like to say after they freed her from whatever had her stuck that she made it to a hospital and survived but, tragically, she did not. I saw video of her alive, being given water to drink, re-adjusting her glasses, and it’s hard to grasp that she didn’t make it. The photos, videos, and stories from Haiti move me to tears, and I’ve felt nothing but helpless sitting at home, taking it all in.

But, I’ve decided that it’s time to do something to help…

Inspired by this vegan bake sale taking place in NYC by Super Vegan, I am hosting an online bake sale to raise money for Haiti. I haven’t figured out where to donate the money just yet, but it will be donated to a solid organization that I feel will use the money responsibly. After much research and thought, I’ve decided to donate the money raised from the bake sale to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund. The Red Cross is a widely respected charity and one that I’ve personally volunteered for in the past.

Bake Sale Details:

  • This bake sale will be online, so you don’t have to be local to bid.
  • Shipping will be for US and Canada (bakers will indicate where they are willing to ship to).
  • I’ll be posting bakers and what they’re donating as I receive them (trying to have the list complete the day before the bake sale).
  • The bidding on the bake sale will take place Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 all day – from 12:01 am till 11:59pm ET.
  • Bids will be accepted via comments and email, but I will have a separate bidding page ready for the actual bidding day.
  • All money raised from the bake sale will be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund.

Looking for Bakers, please!

Please email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com if you’re interested in donating something to the bake sale. I’ll accept bakers up till the day of the bake sale – Wednesday, January 27th, 2010. I’m now accepting bakers until Sunday, January 24th. Sorry to move the date up, but thanks to the amazing outpouring of support from the blogosphere, I have so many wonderful bakers that I think I need a couple extra days prior to the sale to get ready. :)

Bakers, please email me the following:

  1. What you’re baking (if you want to submit more than one item, please indicate if you want 1 bidder to win all goodies or if you prefer 1 bidder per goodie).
  2. You can bake whatever you want, but please tell me if what you’re baking is gluten-free or vegan.
  3. Where you’re willing to ship to (US only, Canada only, or US and Canada).

No longer accepting bakers, but thanks for your interest! We will however need a TON of bidders! Please check back on Wednesday to bid. :)
NOTE: If you have emailed me but do not see your name/info here, please email me asap at thechiclife at gmail dot com. If you do see your info, please take a look to make sure it’s correct and complete. Thanks!

Bakers Signed up:

I’ll get this list in a format easier to read, but wanted to go ahead and post up some bakers with their items others can decide what to bake. Please email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com if you’re interested in joining us. We’d love to have you!

Name Goodie Vegan? GF? Ships To
Adrien of Confessions of a Health Nut black and white crispy square no no prefer Canada, but will do US too
Alyson of Nourished Fitness Lemon Cookies no no anywhere
Amanda lemon, cranberry, and almond biscotti no no both
Angela of Oh She Glows X’s and G’los Valentine’s Day Variety Pack (10 bars) yes no both
Anna of Oats N Boats ~ Smile & Glow Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies & Matzo Crack/toffee (separate) (Matzo – opt’l vegan) no US
Ashley of Edible Perspective 2 batches ota.bars (granola bars – Choices will be: peanut butter crunch : cherry almond : apple apricot walnut almond : coconut cranberry almond) – listed separately yes no US
Beth of Fat Buster brown sugar chocolate cookies no no US
Brittany of Eating Bird Food Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies optl no US
Caronae of Run, Write, Therapy, Life whole-grain banana/walnut/chocolate chip bread no no both
Carrie of Cookie Girl Creations variety of cookies (optional gift wrap) no no US
Christie of Honoring Health Triple Chocolate Walnut Cookies (made with almond flour) no yes US
Courtney of Things I’ve Learned Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies no no both
Diana (me!) of The Chic Life Homestyle Vegan Choc Chip Cookie yes no US
Elisa Customizable Granola yes no US
Elizabeth of On Tap for Today dozen dark chocolate covered Oreos no no both
Emma of Em in Action Lemon-Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies,
Marbled Brownies,
1 batch 6 cups of berry granola, second batch 6 cups of berry granola

(separately) These will be made with spelt flour and be made with organic ingredients.

yes no US
Fran (as seen on “Get Fresh with Sara Snow”) of Fran Costigan Organic almond anise nibby biscotti yes no US
Heather of Heather Eats Almond Butter Maple Nut Oaties yes opt’l US
Heather of Hangry Pants either Super Charge Me (vegan) or White Chocolate Chip Lime (2 batches, buyers choice, separate-1 batch per bidder) (SCM-yes, WCCL-no) no US
Heather of The Single Dish peanut butter choc chip cookies and also rice krispie treats no no US
Heather of Then Heather Said trio of cookies: toffee crackle cookies, pumpkin spice ball cookies, and chocolate cinnamon chip cookies no no US
Heidi of Crumbs Bakery LLC dozen custom frosted cut-out cookies. Whatever theme the winner would like….Valentine’s Day, baby shower, birthday etc… no no US
Jaime of Embracing Balance Mayan Chocolate Sparklers optl no both
Jasmine of Sweet and Fit custom blondies no no TBD
Jessica of Finding Myself Through Words Fruity Granola Bars no no US
Jessie of Don’t Forget Dessert peanut butter oatmeal dog treats and some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookie (separate) no no US
Joy Always Joy Homemade Dog and/or Horse Treats (vegetarian & human grade) (opt’l vegan) no both
Julie of Savvy Eat Vegan Chai Tea Scones yes no US
Kara of Kara’s Marathon peanut butter cup cookies and chocolate chip cookies (separate) no no US
Kate of For the Love of Breakfast cranberry, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies no no US
Kate & Nate of The Blog Stalker Ooey Gooey Blogstalker Butter Cookies TBD no anywhere
Katie of Sweet Tater vegan gluten-free “Scouts Honor” sampler pack with some mock Girl Scout cookies: peanut butter sandwich cookies, coconut chocolate cookies (Samoas!) and mint chocolate cookies (Thin Mints!)–6 of each cookie for 18 total in the sampler pack yes no US
Katy of The Balanced Foodie Two Loaves of Banana Bread (auctioned together) no no US
Katy of Silly Tater Tot Whole Wheat Molasses Bread no no both
Keri of Way Past Ramen Milk Chocolate Walnut Fudge & Margarita Bars (separate) no no US
Kimberly of Jet Set Life two dozen Dark Chocolate Cherry & Nut Clusters no no US
Lindsay of Designer Wife Vegan Magic Cookie Bars yes no US
Lindsey of Live, Love, Lindsey Espresso Hazelnut Truffle Cookies no no US
Lisa of Anali’s First Amendment TBD no no both
Maria Super Chocolately & Rich Brownies (Walnuts optional) no no US
Marlene TBD TBD TBD both
Melanie bake chocolate covered popcorn and blueberry bunt cakes (separate) no no TBD
Melissa Sugar Cookies (rolled in sugar & almost organic) – 2 batches of two dozen, separate no no US
Melissa of Project Bare amazing granola bars no no both
Mellissa of A Fit & Spicy Life chocolate dipped macadamia coconut macaroons no no US
Morgan of Live, Love, Eat, Play TBD TBD TBD TBD
My mom Famous Cinnamon Swirl Bread no no US
Nicole of Another One Bites the Crust vegan chocolate chip banana muffins + something else TBD yes no TBD
Nicole of Geek Turned Athlete Signature Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies no no anywhere
Olivia of You Can Call Me Liv whole wheat cranberry, almond, and dark chocolate biscotti no no US
Rachel of Rachel Hearts Food two batches of customizable granola. Each bag of granola will contain approx. fifteen 1/3 c. servings, and the winning bidders can pick up to four things to add to the oats. This recipe is made with agave nectar and is vegan (2 separate listings) yes no both
Rebecca of All Vegged Out “Sweet and Salty Almond Bark” (a mix of Bittersweet Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Salted Almonds- really yummy!) and my Vegan Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies. bark – no, cookies – yes no US
Sabrina of Rhodey Girl Tests chocolate covered pretzel rods no no anywhere
Sarah of Healthy Mom on the Run Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Cherry Chip Cookies no yes both
Sarah of The Shu Box California Fruit Bars no no US
Shannon of The Daily Balance white chocolate and milk chocolate oreo bombs, best peanut butter cookies ever (separate) no no both
Shannon of Tri to Cook Seven Layer Cookies no no US
Stan Kickass Brownies Made From Scratch no no US
Tasha of The Clean Eating Mama vegan Lavender Shortbread Cookies yes no both
Theresa n/a Chocolate Butterscotch Oatmeal Chewy Bars no no US
TorontoGirloutWest of To Be the Whole Package vegan whole-wheat banana carob cookies yes no both
VeggieGirl of Veggie Girl Two Batches of her famous vegan blondies – customizable! (auctioned separately separately) if desired if desired US
Whit of Whit’s Getting Fit banana nut scones (nuts optional) no no TBD

Hey, if you want to help but baking isn’t your thing, we’ll be needing bidders, soon, too! :)

Thank you so much to everyone who’s signed up!

Banner Image

If you’d like to support this bake sale (even if you can’t volunteer to bake), please consider adding this banner to your blog to help spread the word.

You can get the code here:

We Can Do It!

I may not be able to go to Haiti to help, and I may not have a zillion dollars to help, but I can do something. I have to believe that everything little bit helps. I believe that our community of bloggers and readers can help together.

Please consider donating something for this bake sale and/or bidding. I truly believe every effort goes to the greater good and that we can make a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

Healthy Blueberry Muffins + Mini Frittatas


I wanted to sleep in this AM but I am apparently not as good at sleeping in as Bailey. Lucky little guy…he sleeps ALL the time!


I woke up earlier than I’d like but with some coffee my mom made.


It wasn’t long before we were getting started on breakfast.


My mom made some Dean Ornish Healthy Blueberry Muffins. I believe this (click) is the same recipe.



While her muffins baked away, I got started prepping some of Giada’s Mini Frittas, except I subbed out the 4 ounces of meat for about 3/4 cup of chopped broccoli.



I still kept the parmesan, though I did think about using cheddar instead.



I made a full batch this time since my mom has two pans and we have more eaters than the last time I made these frittatas (New Years Day).


They puffed up quite big in the oven.


And shrank back down quite quickly once removed from the oven. Hey, it’s the taste that counts, right?

I plated the frittatas on a long rectangular plate and put them in the oven (now off but still warm) to keep them warm – they cool off rather quickly.

Brunch is served….



Fresh orange arranged by my Sis.



Mini egg, parmesan, and broccoli frittatas.


Healthy Blueberry muffins.







Round 1 -  a little bit of everything, plus some OJ to drink.




Same oranges, but seconds on frittatas (2 more) plus a half muffin.

I wanted a wee bit more, but I knew we’d be eating lunch not too far off, so I held back.


The muffins were a HIT! So were the frittatas…guess we’ll be seeing more of these later in leftover form.

Our cabinets are currently being painted WHITE! Ahh…I’m so excited to see them all painted up! Hubby and I still need to buy new hardware!

What are you up to today?

Anyone feel like baking something in the next week or two? I’m getting ready to post about a baking-related fundraiser…details to come. :)

Simply Soup

With so much work going on in the house (cabinet painting), hubby and I hit the road to visit my family. We left a bit late so I brought a Coconut Pie Larabar to nosh on in the car.

The ride in the new car was super smooth and having XM on in the car definitely made it more pleasant.


Hubby and I made it into town a bit late and missed dinner, but luckily my family always has lots of soup in the freezer. Mom heated up some beef and vegetable soup for us with some Fresh Market wheat rolls.




Mmm mmm good


I managed to save room for dessert (shocking!) and had a wee bit of Silk Chocolate Soy milk (my parents drink more soy milk than I do! what’s up with that?) and a Costco granola bar. Nom nom nom…

I’ve been brainstorming something I think will be great…not a project, but a fundraiser! Details to come…get your baking supplies ready. ;)

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