Simply Soup

With so much work going on in the house (cabinet painting), hubby and I hit the road to visit my family. We left a bit late so I brought a Coconut Pie Larabar to nosh on in the car.

The ride in the new car was super smooth and having XM on in the car definitely made it more pleasant.


Hubby and I made it into town a bit late and missed dinner, but luckily my family always has lots of soup in the freezer. Mom heated up some beef and vegetable soup for us with some Fresh Market wheat rolls.




Mmm mmm good


I managed to save room for dessert (shocking!) and had a wee bit of Silk Chocolate Soy milk (my parents drink more soy milk than I do! what’s up with that?) and a Costco granola bar. Nom nom nom…

I’ve been brainstorming something I think will be great…not a project, but a fundraiser! Details to come…get your baking supplies ready. 😉

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