Smelly Cat with Kelsey

Happy Sunday!


After getting an early start preppign food for the work week first thing this morning…


…I dug into breakfast – Great Harvest WW cinnamon swirl bread.


And my first mug of Fresh Market Spring Blend for 2010. Yuuummmy!

Hubby and I were busy bees in the house this weekend. We did even more house work today before I got ready for a hot date.


I tried taking a picture of the bottom of my jeans, but Bailey was all up ons .


Biker jeans with the stripey stripe.


Hellllllooooo Kelsey!



Kelsey and I met up in the artsy part of town – NoDa. I love this part of town – the local spots and artsy vibe.


We hit up Revolution Pizza so I could get a bite to eat. I meant to eat at home before heading out to meet Kelsey but I forgot. :oops:


We grabbed a spot at the bar.


Since I snacked on some homemade granola bar pieces for heading out, I kept lunch light and just got the artichoke and lemon spread with flatbread.


So stellar. I loved it!


Next up, we headed to Smelly Cat, a local coffeehouse.





We had a mini photo shoot and made friends with a pretty gray pooch.

IMG_5437.jpg IMG_5438.jpg

Kelsey got ice cream.



I got a tea latte – India Black Assam with soy milk. It was super foamy and tasty.

So much fun chatting it up with Kelsey ! :D We should do this more often!



For dinner, I had plans to make mac and cheese with the fontina hubby and I picked up at TJ’s yesterday.



I’m still trying to work out all the measurements for my Dad’s Mac and Cheese – I want to make sure I’ve got everything measured out so I can share it with you and currently, a lot of stuff is “eye-balled.”


I prepped a lot of kale tonight – 1/2 a bunch for dinner and 1/2 a bunch for later this week.

I prepped the kale for later this while dinner baked away in the oven.


Kale chips!


Golden brown fontina mac and cheese.


Dinner is served: Fontina mac and cheese, kale chips, and a Great Harvest honey WW roll, toasted with real butter.






All enjoyed with some Moscato. Mmm…


Dessert – Great Harvest WW cinnamon swirl bread. So nice warmed up. Yummers!

Contest Updates

I’m so terrible about following up on contests. I love having contests and giving away things, but I always forget to follow up!

So here I’ll make some catch-ups…

Congrats to the contest winners! :)

Project Hydrate Head’s Up

Have a hard time getting enough water every day? Get your non-BPA water bottles together and join me for Project Hydrate, kicking off tomorrow!

Reader question: What’s your favorite type of latte? Tea? Vanilla Soy? Toffee Nut?

Prep Day Sunday – Granola Bars + Marinated Kale

I think I had more baking/cooking ideas for the weekend than time or people to feed. So, I decided to do only a couple of my scheduled projects this weekend – my Chic Energy Bites and more yummy, homemade granola bars.

So, first thing this morning (and I mean FIRST – even before coffee!) I got started on some granola bars. I used this recipe, Ina’s Homemade Granola Bars (with brown rice syrup), with a couple slight modifications.


Instead of using 1 cup of sliced almonds, I used 3 types of ingredients to make up the cup: sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, and chopped walnuts.





For the fruits, I used 1/2 cup each of dried fruit: black currants, dates, and cherries.


Everything looked ok when I took the bars out…but then…


Snap! Crackle! Pop! The bars were hard and crunchy. Not chewy like last time. :( Not sure where I went wrong this time around. I think I may have over-mixed the ingredients and possibly baked the bars just a minute or 2 too long. Hey, they still taste good, so I’m happy. :)

I managed to cut most of the bars ok and put them in a tupperware. Things seem to tender up in airtight containers, so I’m hoping they soften up a bit. For the broken pieces and crumbs, those will become granola! I have plenty of yogurt to eat, so I’m looking forward to enjoying my bars in both granola bar and regular granola versions.




Fast forward to tonight…


I was a kale-prepping machine! I washed a bunch of kale and used 1/2 for dinner and 1/2 to prep for the week ahead.


After spinning the kale dry, I got started on…


A marinade! Oh yes, this was marinated kale take 2.


I made a quick marinade…


…and poured it over my freshly prepped kale. I mixed the kale to ensure every bit was covered.


Then, I added sesame seeds.

Mix mix mix and…


Ta da! Marinated Kale! I’m going to taste test it tomorrow for lunch. If it turns out ok, I’ll publish the recipe.


I also prepped leftovers from dinner, Dad’s Mac and Cheese, to enjoy later this week for lunch. Using leftovers from Sunday dinner is probably the easiest way to prep for the week ahead since you have to eat on Sunday and will already be making something. I often like to make something that I know makes for good leftovers just so I have them the next week for lunch. Tonight, we had 3 servings left. Not too shabby!

Sunday Prep Day 3/7/10:

  • Homemade Granola bars with brown rice syrup
  • Marinated Kale
  • Leftover Mac and Cheese

What are you prepping for this week ahead?

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