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While I was a bit on the fence about whether or not to post our house warming gifts…they are truly too cool to not share!


We got some great stuff for our grill – sauces and a beef rub.




Grill Master kit


Martha Stewart (love!) magnets and TURQUOISE kitchen towels (love!) from Jessie.


A beautiful apron


And Cali bowls! They’re turquoise! And natural dog treats (yay!).

This fabulous gift is from a mystery gifter b/c there was no name tag on the gift…who are you mystery gifter? You know me so well! You must either be a blogger or blog reader b/c this was so awesome!


Plus my friends pulled together to gift me a gift certificate for our kitchen back splash. Hoorah! One step closer- thanks friends!

Thank you to all my friends for your fabulous gifts! You guys rock! :)


My sis, Megan, hubby and me had a nice family style dinner with house warming leftovers – a package of Applegate farms hot dogs we never opened! Plus veggies sis brought from my parent’s garden. Hazzah!


Plus leftover dessert.


My tomato plants are blowing up!


Look – they’re turning colors!


Megan threatened to eat one of my garden’s cherry tomatoes at the house warming party.

I scared her off with a look like THIS!


I’m a day behind blogging but pooped! Time for bed. I’ll catch up soon. G’night!

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  1. says

    some very cool things!

    I’m jealous, I want those cali bowls !! :)

    YAAAY, happy housewarming, again! so exciting for you! :) :)

    *LOVE* that chipmunk !

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