Zumbathon for the Cure


So, why did I need that restful night of sleep I mentioned earlier?


Well, I had big plans today to help teach a Zumbathon for the Cure…or Party in Pink as the Zumba folks are calling it…though I didn’t want you to get confused with my pink party, which is totally unrelated. ;) Today, me, my friend Megan, and lots of other instructors in my company raised money for the Susan G Komen foundation.

Yup, this would make 2 Zumbathons in the last month, since I went to the one in Virginia (click to view)!

IMG_6577.jpg IMG_6590.jpg

Check out the refreshment table they had set up! I was eyeing those muffins big time – they were homemade!


Anywho, we arrived early, but before we knew it, it was time to get started!

IMG_6630.jpg IMG_6613.jpg

We had a great turnout!


I co-led Boro Boro and Desi Girls (the song I choreographed…woohoo!)


I brought liquid refreshment for me and Megan in the form of coconut water. Yum!

IMG_6729.jpg IMG_6710.jpg

Everyone did a wonderful job and the energy in the room was kickin!


I led one of the last songs – a participant-request – Work by Missy Elliot.


So fun! :) I wish you all could have been there dancing with us!


Did I mention this Zumbathon was 2 hours long! Just think how far you can run in 2 hours! That’s like a really fast half marathon…or an average-paced 15K (at least what I can tell from my limited running knowledge). Phew!


I definitely snagged some of those mini muffins (zucchini, banana, cranberry) after the Zumbathon was over. But that wasn’t the best part.

The best part was that we raised over $7,000 today for Susan G Komen! Yay! Go team!

Birthday + Kabobs


I wasn’t the only one enjoying delicious eats on Friday.

IMG_6514.jpg IMG_6518.jpg   IMG_6537.jpg

Hubby picked up a special bone for Bailey and gave him about half. Lucky little guy.


I was feeling pretty lucky myself because I had fun plans to hang out with my friend Megan to celebrate my birthday (yes, my actual birthday was in September, but sometimes you just gotta celebrate it when you can, even if it’s not on…ok, or even near, your actual birthday). We headed out to one of my fave local spots – Kabob Grill.


We had vino – sauvignon blanc for moi and cabernet for Megan.


And I even got some fun gifts – a cute pink purse (pink party 2011 anyone?) and a green necklace set, inspired by my post about dressing up a T-shirt and jeans because Megan said she likes to use jewelry to do so.


Megan got one of my personal faves – the Mixed Grill.


And I got a bite of steak…yum!


Pita bread.

IMG_6550.jpg IMG_6558.jpg IMG_6555.jpg

I got my usual party on a plate dinner…aka the vegetarian combo.


Plus we each got baklava!

Thank you Megan for the fabulous birthday dinner! :)


Then, it was time to go home to get some cuddle time with Bailey, plus a good night’s sleep in preparation for some big fun Saturday morning. More on that next time kiddos.


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