Amazing Brunch at Print Works Bistro

Happy end of the weekend friends!

I hope you all enjoyed wonderful weekends. Mine was exceptionally jam-packed, but so fun!


Here’s a riddle for you: What’s brown and white and warm all over? You’ll see momentarily.


On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of enjoying two of my loves:

  • Fabulous Food
  • Being a photographer

My friend Erica “hired” me to be the official photographer for a special birthday event for some of her best friends.


We headed to Print Works Bistro, in the Proximity Hotel, in Greensboro, NC.



The inside of the restaurant was lovely – open and airy with long white curtains that reminded me of Miami.

IMG_8409.jpg IMG_8418.jpg IMG_8421.jpg IMG_8425.jpg

Delicious Bloody Mary’s with crab in them!


My hot date.

IMG_8437.jpg IMG_8453.jpg

I went for a mimosa.


A new take on salted butter.


As for eats, Erica and I are great food-sharing-friends. We decided to order a handful of dishes and split them all.



Life’s short. Have dessert first. I mean, they are on the “appetizer” menu. 😉


Did you figure out the riddle? The answer is warm, cream-filled beignets! They even came with dipping sauces – honey and chocolate.


Nom nom nom! These little bundles of delight were so good.

Can you believe four beignets make up half of the order! A full order comes with eight!


We also split a roasted beet salad with one of the best salad dressings I’ve had.


Erica and I split two entree dishes, too:

  • Black pepper grilled salmon with honey-lime butter sauce, creme fraiche mashed potatoes and French green beans
  • Pan seared scallops over black “forbidden” rice with beurre blanc and sauteed spinach.


The restaurant split these dishes for us, too and even combined them on a single plate! So nice!


The black forbidden rice was especially interesting – crunchy and chewy at the same time.

Everything was seasoned nicely and absolutely delicious. Could this have been the best brunch everrrrr?!

Anywho, I took lots of photos of people in addition to all the food photos, but I’m saving those to be shared with the birthday girls since this was a personal event. 😉


Here are the birthday girls – Catherine and Sarah. Happy birthday ladies!


And a big thank you to Erica for the amazing brunch!!

Reader question: At which restaurant did you have your best brunch ever?

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  1. Marie says

    Wow, that food REALLY looks delicious! The dessert too! Reminded me of these Italian things called zeppoles — but that chocolate dipping sauce would have made me swoon! I love the photos!

    Love your dress BTW!

  2. says

    I’ve never heard of forbidden rice until I read my newest issue of Clean Eating this weekend – would love to give it a try sometime!

    We have a great restaurant in the town I live in that serves up absolutely amazing food – including brunch. It’s a gem – especially since it is located in a town of 7,000!

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