Megan’s Bowling Birthday Party

After the most-delicious brunch ever, the day continued with more fun.


A bunch of us went out for Megan’s birthday party. A bowling birthday party!


We hit up Strike City for a night of fun.


IMG_5147.jpg IMG_5145.jpg

Tasty cheese and dessert platters.


Plus a vanilla Dean & Deluca cake for the birthday party – a lil gift from me and Erica.


I learned that I am a terrible bowler. I had hands down the worst score. I blame my bum wrist. Luckily, I got some tips from a couple of the girls at the party and (though I really did have the worst score), I finally got 2 strikes for the night! Even though I was not good at bowling, I had a really fun time.


We had a really chill group out. Literally, no one was really checking scores. We just had fun throwing some bowling balls around and cheering when one another did well. We had plenty of granny and backward-granny tosses in there, btw. Oh yes. Don’t hate…they work! Fun times. 😛


And after bowling…


..we went out DANCING!!

I got home super late, but it was so worth it for the fun night with friends celebrating a special occasion.

Happy Birthday Megan!

Reader question: Do you like bowling? What’s your bowling strategy?

11 thoughts on “Megan’s Bowling Birthday Party”

  1. I love bowling! Heavy ball the first throw to knock down as many as possible, and then a kid’s ball to pick up the spares. The best strategy is to just have fun, though!

  2. yayyy thanks for covering my bday on your blog friend!! what a great post….my bday will live on in infamy!!!! xoxoxoxo


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